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EEOC’s Enemy Of Religious Liberty

As I predicted, Trump has been the most liberal president the US has ever had on social issues, other than Obama. An appointment of this type would have never happened under any previous administration, except the Obama administration.

By Rod Dreher

The American Conservative

Has the Trump Administration lost its mind? The White House has re-nominated lesbian activist Chai Feldblum to a seat on the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the powerful federal agency to which President Obama appointed her in 2010.

This is not just another faceless federal agency. As Roger Clegg explained earlier this year, “The EEOC enforces all the private sector anti-discrimination employment laws, so this is a big deal.”

Feldblum has been a leading advocate for LGBT rights. Her official EEOC biography states that she “has also worked to advance lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and was one of the drafters of the original Employment Nondiscrimination Act.”



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