Scott Adams and Dave Rubin: Trump’s Persuasion and Presidency

This is a pretty good discussion of Trump’s performance thus far. Now that it’s apparent that Trump will more or less govern as a normal, moderate Republican, it appears the neocons have lessened their hostility to him, as the recent headlines and articles at Neocon Review attests.

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) joins Dave to discuss his newest book “Win Bigly” about how Donald Trump used the power of persuasion to win the election, Trumps negotiating strategies and tactics, the trend of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ the crumbling mainstream media, the Trump/Russia controversy, his predictions for future candidates and the future of Trump, and more.

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  1. I agree with Scott. Things will normalize once people see he isn’t rocking the boat too much. More of the same and all that. However, his personal style will still prejudice people on the Left.

    I personally think he has been great for politics. His going against the grain with a decidedly less statesman-like demeanor is great for the delegitimization of government. I will always remember him for dealing perhaps fatal blows to the abhorrent Clinton and Bush mafias. If Obama had the same personal style, perhaps more people would recognize him for the tyrannical president he was in office. Trump is no fool and a master showman and performer. He does have his flaws though. Trump can be petty and sometimes too impulsive and off the cuff. He is also definitely part of the ruling class. Real estate industry experience is a masterclass in political maneuvering and schmoozing.

    My only issue is around this whole coming together philosophy Rubin espouses. You must have a common purpose or enemy to unite around (like the destruction of the state). That is why war always works as a distraction. Coming together and trying to be more understanding of our differences fails every time without a galvanizing purpose. So far, I don’t see what Rubin’s unifier will be. I may be biased though. I find political centrists a bit off-putting and perplexing. Or do I misunderstand his positions?

    Scott has some interesting predictions but a part of me is still skeptical about the whole facts don’t matter and it’s all about persuasion. Perhaps I am being unfair to him by simplifying his views. Culture matters and you can only persuade people to do so much as a result. Anything that contradicts their core will be met with resistance regardless of persuasion style. See transgender bathrooms as an example.

  2. This list of Trump’s “five worst moments” from the WaPo readers is hilarious. It really shows what an intellectual wasteland the pundit class and Democratic partisans are: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2017/11/07/the-5-worst-things-trump-has-done-since-the-election/?utm_term=.0090b446f651

    Notice how escalating drone attacks and bombing Syria, providing millions of dollars in arms to the Saudis, escalating hostilities with Iran, etc aren’t even on the list. Instead, the WaPo readers are complaining because Trump is a politician who tells lies and won’t let transgenders into the state’s imperial legions. Despite all of their pretensions to the contrary, the majority of liberal and left opinion suffers from what might be called “First World privilege.”

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