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  1. The line forms to the right, get your tickets early. Law Enforcement unions, Presecutors Associations, the multitude of local and state municipal employee’s PACS.

    • What I find most interesting about those videos is that many of the people speaking represent “conservative” leaning interests, including Ed Meese, Reagan’s former Attorney General. What is happening is that the police state has become so pervasive that it is now attacking population groups normally favored by the right, just as business interests, the white middle class, traditional religious communities, etc as well as the poor, minorities, counterculturalists, etc.

      • The main question is how to go about building resistance to all of this.

        In my experience, leftists are generally worthless on these issues except where racial disparities are involved. Attacking the police state and over criminalization has to be combined with attacking the public administration state and over regulation because the two overlap with each other as the videos point out. Liberals aren’t going to attack the public administration state which is their deity, and the far left insists on trying to fit everything into some kind of race/class/gender victimological narrative. The problem with that is that this a situation where the state is clearly the enemy, and its an issue that transcends the normal race, class, ideology, socioeconomic, cultural, etc. boundaries. Resistance to the police-carceral-prosecutorial state has to be by nature a movement that is trans-class, trans-racial, trans-cultural, and trans-ideological, and focuses on the state itself as the enemy.

        This should be the ideal issue for anarchists, except many if not most of them are just liberals or Marxists under another name.

        As for the right-wing, “conservatives” in some camps are starting to become more aware of this issue because it is now affecting groups they generally like or champion, and there are some conservatives who are concerned about the fiscal costs of all this (which I couldn’t care less about, let the system go bankrupt) but most conservatives are too attached to the “law and order/cops are the good guys” mentality to be of much use on these questions. The alt-right types are arguably even worse, taking a knee jerk cop-lover approach as a means of antagonizing the Left on racial issues. Libertarians are theoretically good on these issues, but largely worthless in practice. Nowadays, libertarians seem to be wasting their time arguing about all the usual Red/Blue cultural crap.

        In my perfect world, of course, the “pan-anarchist” movement would have this as its primary domestic issue, along with anti-imperialism as the primary foreign policy issue. But that’s a long ways off obviously.

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