Can the American Left Be Resurrected?

By Paul Craig Roberts

“Where is the leftwing when we need it” is a question I have asked at times. Some of my readers who confuse the left with Antifa and Identity politics have been confused by my question. Why, they ask, do I want more Antifa thugs and Identity Politics hatred of white people?

The answer is that Antifa and Identity Politics are the antithesis of the left. The real left is pro-working class, pro all of the working class, all races, genders, sexual preferences. Identity Politics splinters the working class into victims of white heterosexual males and destroys the cohesivenss of the working class, thereby making it easer for exploiters to exploit. Antifa aids in this process by focusing hatred on whites by accusing only whites of racism.

It was Karl Marx who said: “Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.”

It is Identity Politics that says, “Workers of the world disunite, splinter into victim groups and hate white males.” In other words, Identity Politics is the worst enemy the working class has ever had. Capitalist expoitation unifies the working class, but Identity Politics divides the working class and makes it easier for capitalists to exploit and for politicians to ignore.

Does my call for a resurrected leftwing mean that I am a Marxist?”


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  1. Says Roberts:

    “”When I read in CounterPunch the attack by CounterPunch’s radio host Eric Draitser on the white working class “Trump deplorables,” I thought Alexander Cockburn, CounterPunch’s founder, must be rolling over in his grave. With CounterPunch degenerating into Identity Politics, the working class was without an advocate except for the World Socialist Web Site.”


    Et tu, Counterpunch? Actually, Counterpunch is one of the few left-wing outlets left that is not completely subservient to the Idpol “left.” In fact, they’re widely hated by the Idpol left for that reason, and suspected of coddling fascists and all that. The Green Party has also been attacked in a similar way. The antifa types now consider Counterpunch and the Greens to be “third position,” lol.

    It’s also interesting how the kind of “vital center” New Deal politics that Roberts is advocating for is now so well-established and even archaic that to defend it has become a conservative or even reactionary position. The Trumpian populists/economic nationalists really just want to return to the America of the pre-globalization era when the vital center/New Deal paradigm was still mostly operative in opposition to neoliberalism which is now supposedly “the left.”

    I’d say it’s not so much a matter of resurrecting any past left as much as it is a matter of the need for a “new far left” that is relevant to contemporary times. Defending the New Deal paradigm is now reactionary. The populists are basically displaced peasants who want the king to get rid of the rising bourgeoisie and restore the system of noblese oblige that existed in the mid-20th century. Ain’t gonna happen.

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