Why We Should Cheer Political Fragmentation All Over the West, with Michael Malice 6

Fragmentation undermines the state’s ability to maneuver.

Michael Malice has written an important column for the Observer, on the fragmented politics of the West. In Europe, more and more political parties, favoring incompatible policies and ideologies, are struggling with each other. What does it all mean for liberty?


  1. Good sign for decentralization in the long term. In the mean time, how far will States go to protect their monopoly? And what kind of monsters will emerge in the midst of all the economic and cultural chaos on the horizon?
    I expect to see Western governments everywhere continue to try and expand their powers egged on my both the left and right. This may also encourage more open and aggressive authoritarianism in Asia. Indonesia and The Philippines are already experiencing some of this. Donald Trump will look like Ron Paul when this is all over.

    • A possible danger with fragmentation is that demagogues can come along presenting themselves as strongmen capable of sweeping away petty differences and “getting the job done.” The solution is to have so much fragmentation that no one demagogue can accumulate enough of a power base or large enough audience to make that happen.

      • I agree but aren’t we already in the demagogue phase? Trump seems to be the first. I hope that decentralization moves faster than the ability of a demagogue to accumulate power. The next financial crisis might temporarily weaken the state enough for decentralization to get some momentum. That might be wishful thinking though!

  2. I definitely agree. I see a lot of people bemoaning the fragmentation of society, whereas I see that as people overcoming mass indoctrination. Even ignoring all the weird nonsense that these people might believe, it is simply not the case that all people, everywhere, have coincident interests. Real conflicts exist, whether economic, racial, religious, or simple ‘values’. A perfect example of the latter would be libertarians and Patriots, who value a strident form of individual assertion to the point that they’re often indifferent to its consequences. That most people do not share this view would be putting it lightly.

    • Also, LOL at these randomly generated icons. I’m a meatball wearing a domino mask, with stringy hair, spider legs and mechanical claw arms.

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