Donald Trump: The Best Friend Anarchists Have Had in a While

My take on Trump is unique because I find myself saying to my liberal friends, “No, he’s not a Nazi. Get over your paranoia.” And I find myself saying to my right-wing friends, “No, he’s not the savior of America/white people/whatever, just a two-bit carnival huckster. Get your head out of your ass.”

But I like having Trump as prez, because it’s best to have a head of state that is easy to dislike. Having a seemingly articulate, educated, and personally functional mild-mannered senior executive type like Obama is bad news because it confers legitimacy on the state in a way that oafish creeps like Trump and GWB, or pervs like Bill Clinton, cannot. I seriously want Kanye West to run for Prez with Kim as his running mate, and I want to see Ted Nugent and Kid Rock stand for the Republican side. I want to see characters like Paris Hilton and Snoop Dog and Eminem in Congress, as Governors and as mayors of major cities. For people who feel that they must vote, I always encourage them to vote for the most ridiculous and exterme people possible.

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