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After Charlottesville, Let’s Speak the Hard Truths, Not Just Moral Truisms

I don’t share these authors’ paleconnish, Catholic traditionalist ideology but they make some very salient points. The neo-Nazis are social misfits that go out of their way to marginalize themselves (sorry, but carry torches and denouncing Jews won’t “play in Peoria” as they say). The neo-Nazis are disapproved of by 100% of the elite, 100% of the media, and 99+% of the general public. They hold the status of Official Bad People, and are in many ways a socially approved scapegoat: “Having a bad day? Blame the neo-Nazis!” Meanwhile, the Israel Lobby is literally trying to criminalize the BDS movement, and the primary threats to academic freedom and free speech generally are coming from corporations, universities and howling mobs of ostensible “leftists” (i.e. “red fascists” as Susan Sontag once characterized them). And of course we have the state and the power elite generally lined up against everyone.

By John Zmirak and Jason Jones

The riot in Charlottesville, Virginia is a stain on America. It’s the fruit of growing political hate at both ends of the spectrum. It’s also a failure of law and order. The authorities’ first job is to keep the peace, while  protecting the free speech rights even of the nastiest among us.


The pro-choice racists who marched in Charlottesville tempt people to silence them using their fists. We’ve felt that way often watching other flavors of pro-abortion pagans exercising their First Amendment rights. But using violence is wrong. It’s wrong against Republican congressmen and Antifa marchers, against neo-fascists and New Black Panthers, all alike. That’s the road to civil war. (Read this piece by liberal writer Peter Beinart on the reach, power, and virulence of the violent Antifa movement.)

We have a government in the first place to prevent strong disagreements from turning into violence. To keep people from getting killed in the streets. Not to routinely wave off the anti-speech violence of one rabid political faction (Antifa), then be shocked, shocked, when haters on the other side (the Alt-Right) decide to escalate. That’s what happens when the authorities giving orders to the police pick and choose which side gets to break the law.

That’s how Germany in the 1920s and 30s descended into chaos, then welcomed tyranny. We stumble down that same road when police and other authorities allow either side to use violence to intimidate or silence people.

But that’s not a message for today.


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