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Syria, Linda Sarsour & The New Left & New Right

Caleb Maupin is a Stalinist associated with the Workers World Party, but I agree with every word of this. I could have written this article. It’s refreshing to see a leftist who takes their anti-imperialism seriously.

By Caleb Maupin

Mint Press News

Women's march organizer, Linda Sarsour. (Photo: still from #InequalityIs: Linda Sarsour on inequality and race and religion)

For many people in the west, the traditional political compass seems broken, and “left” and “right” are almost indistinguishable in a confused political mess. The controversy surrounding the Arab-American figure now embraced by the Democratic Party, Linda Sarsour, illustrates this perfectly.

In Syria, it is very clear who the “right” and the “left” are. The “right” is the group of Wahabbi fanatics that seek to overthrow the Syrian government. The stated goal of many, if not all, of the different groups working to overthrow the Syrian government, is to end religious freedom and establish a government in Syria similar to that of Saudi Arabia.

Fanatics from across the region and the world are pouring in for a fanatical crusade to bring the Syrian government down. The western capitalist powers, the USA, France, Britain, etc. have all enthusiastically backed this campaign, which would replace a Baath Socialist government rooted in the region’s anti-imperialist struggles, with a pro-western, Saudi-style regime. Weapons, funding, supplies, and propaganda from the western capitalist powers are all being unleashed to support the right-wing anti-government forces in Syria.


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  1. His comment placing the Baath on the left reminds me of the way the originating revolutionaries in the modern era – the nationalists – were clearly the left. Yet somehow now they’re considered far right – unless they happen to run a dirt poor third world kleptocracy, in which case they’re still considered the left.
    I find it extremely irritating that most leftists and social revolutionaries are totally ignorant of where their political religion comes from, the direct ties between originary anarchist, nationalist and liberal thought. With their excommunicative pseudohistories created for internal consumption and political propaganda they’ve done exactly what Christians did, creating fake narratives that expunge the obvious links to ancient Pagan religions because to acknowledge them would impose cognitive dissonance and undercut their vice of blaming everything on boogeyman ideas like Satan and Fascism.

    • Caleb Maupin is a serious leftist of the old school, which is why he was willing to debate Augustus Sol Invictus as opposed to the usual “No Platform!” hysteria. Most of today’s Western “leftists” are just a confederation of main chancers, self-seekers, special pleaders, ladder climbers, careerists, self-absorbed neurotics, and overgrown children warped by helicopter parenting.

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