Left and Right

Maoism Against Free Speech

A lecture by lunatic Maoist Sunsara Taylor of the Revolutionary Communist Party on why free speech sucks. These are the kinds of folks for whom our “anti-fascist” anarchist  friends have become dupes. It’s interesting that the anarcho-leftoids do not learn anything from their own history. From the days of the First International onward (actually, from the time of “The Free Ones” onward), anarchists and Marxists have always been mortal enemies.

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  1. I don’t see where she’s a lunatic. She’s just like ATS. Her detractors are the same people who would say, “my guns, my right of self-defense, but I’m not advocating violence, just my right of self-defense”. It sounds to me just like where she contrasts violence used by the state backed by authority and the violence of victims fighting back in self-defense. What’s the difference.

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