Alt Left Election Roundtable with Robert Stark, Ryan Englund, Bay Area Guy, Rabbit & Alex von Goldstein

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Robert Stark, Alex von Goldstein, Alt Left Blogger Ryan EnglundBay Area Guy, and AltLeft.com‘s Rabbit talk about the election of Donald Trump

Topics include:

How the polls were inaccurate
The shy Trump voter affect in the polls
Trump’s election as a referendum against globalism, political correctness, and the establishment
Trump as a repudiation of Conservatism INC
Trump’s success winning blue states in the rust belt by appealing to working class white voters
How despite media hysteria of racism, Trump’s share of Minority voters was slightly higher than past Republicans
How working class whites have been economically marginalized by both parties, and culturally marginalized by the left
The new Alt Left Meme “Class Cuck”
The relationship between class and race, as middle class whites are being pushed down to the economic level of non-whites
The importance of holding Trump’s feet to the fire

Bay Area Guy’s article Election Musings
Rabbit’s article Last Minute Reflections On a Dime Store Election
Ryan Englund’s article Triumph of the Iron Heel, about how Hillary is the candidate of war, SJW culture, and neoliberal economics
How despite Trump’s flawed support for tax cuts for the 1%, he is addressing immigration and outsourcing which are major causes for income inequality
Bernie Sanders Statement on Trump, where he states he is willing to work with Trump on issues that help working families
Trump’s non-interventionist statements, and whether he will pick Neocon John Bolton as Secretary of State
European Nationalist adopting left positions on economics and social issues, and how Trump is adopting that strategy to a degree
Ticket splitting voters who supported Trump as well as progressive ballot measures, such as raising the minimum wage, and legalizing marijuana
Thanks to Trump The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead
How unlike the Alt Right, the Alt Left is divided over the election, with some supporting Trump, some Jill Stein, and some Hillary Clinton
How the main battle in the future will be Nationalism vs. Globalism

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