Yesterday’s Real Loser: Totalitarian Humanism

Contrary to what many people are no doubt thinking, Trump’s victory does not appear to be a victory of the Right over the Left, racism over anti-racism, or social conservatism over social liberalism (or libertarianism). When various local and regional elections, as well as referendums, are examined, and when the demographic breakdown of the results of the presidential election is analyzed, a somewhat different picture emerges. Consider these facts:

-Trump won by running to the left of Clinton on both foreign policy and trade policy, extending an olive branch to Russia, attacking Clinton’s plans to topple Assad in Syria, and repudiating the neoliberal economic policies of Hillary’s husband. Hillary on the other hand ran as a foreign policy hawk and champion of the corporate liberal status quo concerning trade policy.

-Trump did unusually well among racial minorities (for a Republican), particularly black and Hispanic males.

-A significant majority of voters have expressed disagreement or apprehension with some of Trump’s more rightward leaning positions on immigration, law enforcement, and economic policy.

-Third parties did unusually well in this election (relatively speaking) with the leftist Green Party and the socially liberal Libertarian Party harming Clinton more than Trump.

-Eight of nine pro-marijuana referendums on the ballot in various states passed.

-A California referendum requiring porn actors to use condoms failed.

-Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricupa County, Arizona, a major conservative celebrity, was voted out of office.

-The Democrats’ Russia-baiting utterly failed as an electoral strategy.

-South Carolina, a state carried by Trump, elected the first black Senator since Reconstruction to a full term.

-Trump billed his campaign in the final moments as a “strike back” by the working class.

Evidence indicates that Trump would have lost if he had been running against Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary.

-Trump’s victory was ultimately made possible by his ability to clean up among the working class in the Rust Belt states that have been hit the hardest by neoliberalism.

All of this data combined, including victories for weed, porn, the working class, improved performances for liberal and left minor parties, and the first black Senator in 150 years, with actual right-wing authoritarian Joe Arpaio being voted out after 23 years in office, hardly indicates a shift of the United States towards “fascism.” Instead, it can be reasonably argued that Trump won because he was actually the most left-wing of the two major party candidates, i.e. the most dovish on foreign policy, the most pro-working class, and, by a wide margin, the most anti-establishment.

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Nearly ten years ago, I introduced the theory of “totalitarian humanism” where I offered the following observations.

The emerging ideology of the Western, particularly American, ruling classes can, I believe, be described as follows:

  1. Militarism, Imperialism and Empire in the guise of ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, modernity, universalism, feminism and other leftist shibboleths.
  2. Corporate Mercantilism (or ‘state-capitalism’) under the guise of ‘free trade’.
  3. In domestic policy, what I call ‘totalitarian humanism’ whereby an all-encompassing and unaccountable bureaucracy peers into every corner of society to make sure no one anywhere, anyplace, anytime ever practices ‘racism, sexism, homophobia’, smoking, ‘sex abuse’ or other such leftist sins.
  4. In the realm of law, a police state ostensibly designed to protect everyone from terrorism, crime, drugs, guns, gangs or some other bogeyman of the month.

The kind of state that proponents of this new ideology envision is one where the purpose of local government is to enforce leftist orthodoxy against competing institutions (like families, religions, businesses, unions, clubs, other associations), the purpose of national government is to enforce leftism against local communities, and the purpose of foreign policy is to enforce leftism against “backward” or “reactionary” traditional societies.

Yesterday’s vote was, in fact, a big middle finger to the ruling class and its ideology of totalitarian humanism.

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  1. Yes. Of course this is exactly why Mother Jones is losing its shit and promoting Paul Ryan – many of its audience are direct recipients of the gibmedats of the Establishment, and if not are puritanical advocates of Totalitarian Humanism.
    The people most vehemently opposed to Trump, with the exception of a few religious purists, were really shitty people, and this probably contributed to the failure of #NeverTrump. There are advantages to having all the right enemies.

  2. What an Orwellian, double-speak, mindfuck the central tenets of Totalitarian Humanism are. That is why I see so many people somewhat innocently biting the bait on Facebook on all of those “progressive” memes and articles from such seemingly, grassroots, hipster publications as the likes of the billion dollar, corporate cesspool Buzzfeed. Everything is the complete opposite of what it appears. The ultimate fantstical facade, a mental mirage. Truly Orwells doublespeak. I wish he were alive to see this. My goodness he would write a sequel to 1984, it could be 2016.
    The PC prophets pander to their prefered, progressive demographics with words and phrases that mean the complete opposite of the pernicious reality of what they supposedly represent. Facebook is an excellant case study for PC propaganda. It’s so deceptive, so many are decieved by it.
    People honestly think Trump is the out-of-control, belicose candidate because he said he wants to bomb the shit out of some country, while Hillary has overthrown Lybia, and is bombing 6 other countries.
    Then these clever A$$holes manage to do a 180 degree turn, and say that he should actually be a belicose, lunatic with Putin. No, we don’t want mutually assured annihilation.
    It’s amazing how the media can do that, though. One minutes he’s a “wreckless, lunatic hellbent on starting nucluear war”… the next meme is “Hey, why isn’t he a wreckless, lunatic hellbent on starting a nuclear war with Russia, he must love Putin.” And they’ll make it hip and cool with hipster language for the kool kids i.e. “he’s having a bromance with Putin LOL” with digital, photoshopped artwork. I even chuckle until I realize they’re using hip digital art and hipster phrases to shame people who f*cking don’t want nuclear war. Nuclear wars the cool thing I guess is the message.
    It’s crazy how they can do that. Make people believe two polar opposite positions are reconsilable.
    It’s funny Newspeak was gradually eliminating words, dumbing down language so that people wouldn’t have words for revolution. They would say things like good and ungood instead of cerebral, abhorrant etc. PC uses a different tactic IMO, it overwhelms people with language and information. Using polar opposite Euphamisms to confuse the f*ck out of people and it works to differing degrees with almost all of us. It’s very tricky, very confusing these verbal illusions. But then again it’s media is so controlled it’s hard to tell how many actually fall for it. People don’t speak up because they are afraid of attaining the Scarlet R (racist) or homophobe, or bigot, or redneck. The ruling class has used Pavlov’s classical conditioning to pair criticism with the culturly abhorant labels like Racist etc. There is a lot of In-group / out-group psychology involved. Humans are tribal and want to be in the In-group at all costs. The media carefully crafts what the in and out groups are.
    It’s crazy how people can live with this cognitive dissonence of knowing the ruling class is murdering people (including gays, minorities, women) by the millions, destroying every aspect of their lives, cultures etc. of the ones who survive… yet we’re supposed to believe that they are concerned with minority rights and swear words here in the US. I can’t fathom how people can reconsile those disparate phenomenom. I don’t care how stupid you are, I do not understand it. Propaganda and dogma often bipass logic and strike an emotional chord. Logic than reinforces the belief or dogma afterwards. I should put this on my blog. Late night ramblings.

  3. a 4 AM spoken word on Totalitarianism, forgive me:
    Totalitarianism in nicer terms
    Proceeding precariously toward the precipice, practically pandering to the poor and downtrodden, precipitation pouring proliferating pontificating down the window pane peeking politely into the pores of your perforated soul. Acid rain politely precipitates on the porous plane. Disintegrating, Degredating, decimating, desecrating the dark recesses of your mind.
    The acid rain is the progressive façade, really an aggressive mirage, belligerent bellicose bloated bureaucracy hell-bent on distraction, destruction, obstruction, obfuscation, confiscation and power in the name of democracy, oh the hypocrisy of the oligarchy.
    Glittering generality’s generally garb the grotesque genitals of Jack boot garrisons led by grotesque generals of an ever-growing ever-expanding government.
    Hidden behind progressive euphemistic terms such as socialism, communism, liberalism, conservatism, freedom, democracy.
    These terms mask a bellicose bureaucracy and a ruthless, tepid totalitarianism trying to trick the Western trekker with trepidation, misdirection, slight of hand. It’s Andersonville and Vaudville rolled into one. Welcome to the new Totalitarianism: a suffocating, surveillance state sold in a glittering, gold wrapper, sparkling with the promise of freedom and tolerance. But inside the sugarcoated, hip, tolerant facade is the sour, rotten, restrictive, torturous, technocratic Totalitarian trainwreck. Orwell’s Nightmare and Huxley’s Wet Dream. Where up is down and nothing is as it seems. A dream within a dream within a dream within a dream… As I stand amid the roar, of the surf-tormented shore, and I hold within my hand, grains of the golden sand, as it falls through my fingers to the deep while I weep, while I weep….. and stare dumbfounded at the sheep. The sheeple, at the steeple, pray at the superficial shrine of stolid, stoic statism… Oh God, can I not grasp one with a tighter grasp, can I not clasp what little bit of human dignitiy, we have left, can I not grasp, can I not feel something real. Soemthing, someplace genuine where words really mean what they say they mean. There’s no doublespeak only singlespeak. Where honor, dignitiy, and integrity have value. Good God how did such a malevolent, monstrosity ever come to be. The darkside of mankind. A hieronymus bosch painting put to words, where genocide is normalized, renamed and rebranded into peace and freedom, diversity is strength, wars for peace, surveilance to ensure tolerance, Police Stae to prevent drugs and date rape… Welcome to the new Totalitarianism.

  4. The New Totalitarianism is just the Old Totalitarianism. Just repackaged, rebranded and sold in a shiny, new, hip, youthful, diverse wrapper… and if PC DIES, they’ll, repackage it, rebrand it into a new beguilling DISGUISE, that stirs emotions and captures the EYES. make it appear like a beautiful, vivid, crimson, sovereign SUNRISE, while it’s really causing a spiritual, curltural, and economic DEMISE.

    Damn, I can’t edit or use spell check on this webpage. Well, guys check my Blog for edited and revised writings. There isn’t much on there now. I need a new name. I believe Revolution needs a soul. I enjoy psychology, poetry, and even science. I come at it from a different angle. I don’t really read political philosophy, although I repsect it. Let me know if you guys know of any sites that deal with this stuff from a psychological angle. To defeat PC and my own term CC (conservative correctness, Maelvolent Moral Majority) you have to know what it’s doing to your mind, and why.

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