Bridging The Gap Between Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Statism by Dissecting The Buzzwords That Divide Us

By Tim Bryant

The Last American Vagabond

As I have touched on in a previous article, one of my missions of late has been to bridge the gap between the progressive/socialist left, the libertarian/capitalist right, and the growing anarchist/agorist movements of anti-statists. On the surface this seems to be an impossible task, as they all appear to be fundamentally opposed to each other, representing a ticking time bomb of disagreements just waiting to explode.



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  1. Copy Pasta of my comment over there:
    The main thing I disagree with is that your assume that most people aren’t moral busy bodies ago will endorse or tolerate almost anything by their in group against an out group. Contrary to liberals, I do not think most people are worth a damn. Not that the state is going to improve anything, but I do not believe most people are in any way voluntarists in any committed sense. They prefer not to fight themselves because they are weak, they have the state fight for them.
    You’re also forgetting the moral Puritans, most obviously the SJW psychopaths infesting America today. Many of them are ‘antiFa’ anarchists, and they’re basically Bolsheviks in their statism as long as It’s directed against heretics.

  2. K. P.: A digital encyclopaedia of the best refutations to all the popular errors, prejudices, myths, dogmas, wrong assumptions & conclusions in the “social sciences”, probably amounting to millions, is long overdue. Online, with wide-spread participation, it could become compiled rather fast. No individual, on his own, can be successful in trying to other these avalanches of fallse or flawed opinions and convictions. Even if he could, he would not be given the opportunity to do so and would not be considered to be a good enough expert by the readers, viewers or listeners. Only between many human beings is there sufficient knowledge and wisdom on such subjects. – What is also needed is an Ideas Archive and and Encyclopedia of the multitude of differen definitions of all the important terms in the social sciences, together with their criticism. I offer, upon request, free of charge and of copyrights restrictions. several books on the Ideas Archive and one on alternative enlightenment options for libertarians, which is still only called NEW DRAFT. (Zipped it comes only to 306 KBs.) All as email attachments. –

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