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  1. Glad to see you making a presence on YouTube Keith. I’ve always said that’s a great place to get followers and reach new people with your ideas. I saw one speech you gave, Empire vs. Identity, it was excellent and it got 2,000 + views. I swear, if you watch Stefan Molynex (or whatever), although he does have some type of theater background, if you read that speech, but in the manner that he does his videos- you kind of feel like he’s talking to you, engaging you, and in a conversation with you- If you did that with Empire vs. Identity, I swear you could get 50,000 views. Send it out to all of the websites on the right-hand side of your website. IDK if you feel like going that route, but that is definitely a way to reach people. I really feel like you have a message that needs to be heard, unlike phony ego-maniacs like Stefan. I think Stefan’s more concerned with hearing his own voice than promoting anarcho-libertarianism or whatever he’s pseudo promoting. I’ll check out this video. Disabling comments, isn’t that the SJW tactic? I know it’s not your YT site though.

  2. To further expand, I don’t agree with disabling comments on YT, but I completely understand it; YT comment sections often become a cesspool of groupthink insults and condescension, for a variety of reasons. However, I still encourage not censoring to allow discussion of the topics in the videos. You do have to have think skin to be on YT though, so I understand. Every possible (perceived) physical, intellectual, ideological weakness becomes magnified, mocked and derided by the anonymous masses.

    • “To further expand, I don’t agree with disabling comments on YT, but I completely understand it; YT comment sections often become a cesspool of groupthink insults and condescension, for a variety of reasons.”

      I’m glad you understand. I wish I didn’t have to do that, but I’ve seen so many cases where its nuts and I don’t want to get constant updates from trolls in my gmail feed.

      • No, I understand completely, by making these thought-provoking videos you obviously want to encourage people to engage in deeper thinking and engage others in dialog, but yes, the very nature of comment sections is a very unnatural method of communication, and it brings out the worse in people, they do and say things they would never do and say to a person in real-life. It’s a real shame. Rather than engaging in respectful debate, it turns into recklessly hurling insults for no good reason other than people feel there are no consequences. It’s my opinion that comment sections, in a way, encourage that type of behavior for psychological reasons, by the nature of how they operate. I wrote about it, and may add my reasons for this opinion to my blog. I completely respect your decision.

        • It has to do with the moral hazard anonymity online, people don’t bear the social cost for their actions. If most of what was said online was said at a bar or other public place you would get clocked.

          • Yes, I was thinking for a little bit about how you could create a comments section that would actually promote positive debate and critical thinking, rather than mindless, stream of conscious-like, throwing out whatever insults first come into their pea-brained minds. The only problem is how to do it without taking away people’s rights. Anonymity is one of the key culprits, but I would uphold the right to privacy first and foremost. A good example is to see how comment sections of FB are 1000 times more civil than YT. Jokingly, I think we could sell an app called barroom conversation. When, for no apparent reason, you comment like a condescending ass, the app, reacting like someone would in a bar, sends out a fist to punch you in your face. I think it could be a best seller. I’ll contact Amazon.

  3. Oh and gee, another mass killing; a group of individuals accurately killing police targets at long distances, turns out to be a lone wolf, who, of course, is murdered by police. Gee, that sounds oddly familiar.
    Do I even have to ask if this was a group of professional snipers involved with special forces, the CIA and/or the power elite? Is it even worth looking into? I think we know the answer.

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