Blast from the Past: The Solution to the Prison-Industrial Complex? Reply

An old United Press International Article from 1982. Did the Shining Path show the way 34 years ago? Black Lives Matter, take note.

By Carlos Milano

LIMA, Peru — Some 150 masked guerrillas attacked a Peruvian prison high in the Andes and freed 255 inmates by dynamiting a prison wall during a bloody five-hour gunbattle Wednesday that left 16 dead and 12 wounded, authorities said.

They said two columns of guerrillas struck just before midnight Tuesday, launching simultaneous attacks on police stations before assaulting the prison in the southeastern city of Ayacucho, 220 miles southeast of Lima.

President Fernando Belaunde Terry immediately declared a state of emergency and a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in the Andean province of Ayacucho and sent the army into the city to restore order after the attack.

Authorities said 255 inmates — nearly half of the prison’s population — escaped after the guerrillas set off 60 charges of dynamite, toppling a wall of the Ayacucho prison.

The 150 guerrillas, who were said to be masked, opened fire with submachine guns on the prison as the inmates made their escape through the breach in the wall, the officials said. The fugitives included 80 jailed members of a Maoist guerrilla group.


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