Gary Johnson’s Pot Use Bugs Conservatives; John McAfee Would Rather Have Sex with Whales than Debate Again: Libertarian Party Roundup

By Brian Doherty


As Trump vs. Clinton looms horrifyingly on the horizon, normal human Americans seek any escape route, even one as outre as the Libertarian Party. That is, we’ve seen more chatter and news and commentary about the L.P.’s still ongoing-presidential race (which will be settled by the bare majority of 1,000 or so delegates to the national Party convention over Memorial Day weekend in Orlando), particularly the one who outside onlookers (and many insiders as well) assume will certainly get it: Gary Johnson, who won the nomination last time and won the Party’s largest-ever vote total at 1.27 million.

He’s also a pretty successful two-term state governor, from 1995-2003 in New Mexico, and most recently a potrepreneur with Cannabis Sativa Inc. (He’s also a splashy world class amateur athlete of the climb-Everest variety.)

Gage Skidmore via Foter.com / CC BY-SAGage Skidmore via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

I dinged National Review‘s David French yesterday for seeming to ignore that the L.P. had a likely very “serious” candidate already on board, a two-term Republican governor. He chimed in with a longer take on Johnson, in which he more or less concludes, sure, cool, but, he actually uses and likes marijuana, with lame “choom gang” references. (If you don’t get that reference, thank a teacher.)

French also has the usual right-wing complaints about being soft on overseas villainy and, strangely because Libertarians are usually attacked for being unreasonably doctrinaire in opposing certain aspects of civil rights law as they affect private citizens, French joins Johnson’s L.P. competitor Austin Petersen in slamming the Gov. for saying in the candidate debate aired on John Stossel’s Fox Business News show last month that he thinks people should be forced to bake cakes for people they object to on political or religious grounds.


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