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Fascism: The Career of a Concept

Paul Gottfried explains what historic fascism actually was on the Tom Woods Show.

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How about that: fascism has a definition after all, and isn’t just a term for whatever people happen to dislike. In his new book, Paul Gottfried traces the meaning of the word and how it’s been used over the years as a polemical device in ideological battles.

About the Guest

Paul Gottfried is professor emeritus of humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.


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Book Discussed

Fascism: The Career of a Concept

Other Selected Books by the Guest

Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt: Toward a Secular Theocracy
Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right
The Strange Death of Marxism: The European Left in the New Millennium
After Liberalism: Mass Democracy in the Managerial State
Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America

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