Rules For Libertarians


A practical guide for success, in the moment we have all been waiting for.

By: Ryan Ramsey

Chairman, Bradford County Affiliate

State Executive Committee Representative, Region 4

Libertarian Party of Florida

 Since 1971, Libertarians have dreamed of this day. The moment  enough members of the one party system’s two factions  “wake up”. The dawn of that day has already broken. In November, The Miami Herald reported the following breakdown of voter registration by party.

 3.2 million Floridians avoid both major parties.

27 percent of all Florida voters are now NPA, or “No Party Affiliation”

Two decades ago, 47 percent of Florida voters were Democrats and 41 percent were Republicans.

With the continuing rise of no-party voters, Democrats now make up 38 percent and Republicans 35 percent, but Republicans control two-thirds of the 160 seats in the Legislature.



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