Gary Johnson: Jewish Bakers Should Be Forced to Bake Nazi Cakes

Gary Johnson goes liberaltarian.

The crap that’s been coming from the Libertarian Party in recent elections with characters like Johnson, Austin Petersen, Bob Barr,  and Wayne Allan Root supposedly representing “libertarianism” is indicative of why we don’t need a Libertarian Party. Instead, we need a “Pan-Secessionist Meta-Party” or a “Pan-Anarchist Revolutionary Party.”

Independent Political Report

During the first hour of the Libertarian Party presidential forum that aired Friday night on the Fox Business Network, leading Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson admitted that in his view, Jewish bakers should be forced by government to bake wedding cakes for Nazis.

The issue arose when fellow Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen brought to the attention of moderator John Stossel that in an earlier debate in Oregon, Johnson declared that bakeries should be forced to bake wedding cakes for gay couples.  Johnson affirmed the position, arguing that being able to discriminate on the basis of religion is a “black hole.”  Petersen pushed Johnson on the issue and asked whether he felt Jewish bakers should be forced to bake wedding cakes for Nazi customers.  Stossel directed the question to Johnson, who replied “that would be my contention, yes.”

Candidate John McAfee disagreed strongly with Johnson, arguing, “If you’re the only baker in town it may be a problem, but no one is forcing you to buy anything. . . Am I harming you if I don’t sell you something? No. It’s my choice to sell, your choice to buy.”

Petersen commented that Johnson’s position “portrays a fundamental lack of understanding of the free market.  You have to allow the marketplace to work.  You cannot stamp out bigotry.”

The second hour of the forum will air next week on the Fox Business Network.

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  1. I notice that Austin Petersen will not address the question of whether he believes that white motel, store, and restaurant owners have the right to serve black people; IOW, whether he supports the Civil Rights Act or not. (I know that because, ever since I asked him the question, I’ve received no answer.) As a former supporter of Rand Paul, it’s not surprising that he’d try to duck the question, considering the trouble that answering it got Rand Paul into. However, as long as Petersen keeps raising the issue (since it’s the same issue as whether non-gay business owners have a right to discriminate against gays), I intend to keep pointing out that he is ducking it.

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