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Keith Preston: Feeling threatened by Daesh, US backpedalling on past policies

Press TV. Listen here:

“The US would rather have a victory in Syria than for the Assad government to retain power,” Preston says.

US President Barack Obama’s pledge to step up intelligence cooperation against the Daesh Takfiri terrorists signals America’s serious concerns about the terror group which was once viewed by Washington as a “weapon” against Syria’s legitimate government, says an American political analyst.

In his weekly address from the White House on Saturday, Obama expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of the recent attacks in the Belgian capital of Brussels, noting that the US is working to prevent similar attacks against America and its allies in the future.

Keith Preston, the chief editor and director of, has told Press TV that this marks a significant departure of previous US policies against Daesh.

“The United States was hesitant to take their strong actions against ISIL in the Middle East, because they view ISIL as a destabilizing force,” Preston said Saturday. “A force that can be used to destabilize regimes in the Middle East that the United States is opposed to.”

He noted that Washington deems Daesh as a weapon in Syria that can be used to topple the country’s President Bashar al-Assad.

Washington has for long claimed that Assad hinders any solution to the five-year-long Syrian conflict that has claimed more than 470,000 lives.

“The US would rather have a victory in Syria than for the Assad government to retain power,” he said.

That is why Washington opposed Russia’s anti-Daesh aerial campaign in the Arab country that started late last September upon a request from Damascus, Preston argued.

The analyst said unlike Russia, the US-led military efforts against the terror groups wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq has not yielded any significant result.

Washington and its allies have been pounding alleged Daesh positions in Syria since 2014 without a permission from Damascus or the UN.

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