Left and Right

The Next Best Thing?

This was one of my most popular recent posts on social media with favorable comments coming from leftists, libertarians, conservatives, fascists, anarchists, national-anarchists, and alt rightists alike.

“I’m all for protesting against politicians. Let the Left protest Trump and let the Right protest Sanders. I’d love to see some violent streetfighting between Hillary fans and Cruz/Rubio fans as well.

For many years, I have argued as an anarchist that the “real enemy” is not leftists, rightists, whites, blacks, capitalists or socialists, but the power elite that rule over all of us. In an ideal world, the militiamen would be taking out federal agents, and black street gangs would be taking out municipal SWAT teams, and mobs of people would be attacking statehouses and federal buildings nationwide. No one really seems to be interested in this perspective, so violent street fighting between the factions of Team Red and Team Blue is probably the next best thing. That way the system collapses by means of internal disorder rather than by direct assault.”

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