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Obama shifting blame for Libya’s crisis

Press TV. Listen here:

“The president of the United States is simply trying to shift responsibility for what is largely the fault of the United States” in Libya, Preston said.

President Barack Obama is trying to lay the blame on other countries for the chaos the US has created in Libya, says a political analyst.

Obama has recently criticized Britain and France over their Libya policy in the aftermath of the 2011 overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

In an interview with the Atlantic magazine, Obama said he was wrong to believe the allies would be “invested in the follow-up” to Gaddafi’s ouster.

“When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong, there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up,” Obama said.

Keith Preston, the chief editor and director of, said that “the idea that the United States is somehow not responsible for what is going on in Libya right now is” preposterous.

The US and its allies “were able to succeed in fighting a rebellion against the regime of colonel Gaddafi in 2011 and the rebellion was aided by NATO military action,” he told Press TV on Saturday.

“The country, now, the nation of Libya is in shambles as a result of that action, probably the most serious thing that happened in Libya is the fact that the Daesh have managed to gain a stronghold in Libya and Libya is also in the state of civil war between multiple factions including some very reactionary terrorist organizations similar to Daesh,” he added.

“This is what the efforts by the United States, Britain and France to overthrow the regime of colonel Gaddafi has generated and the idea that United States has no responsibility for that is absurd,” Preston stated.

He went on to say that “what President Obama is trying to say is that after the United States organized this military action against Libya and essentially destroyed the nation, the British, the French and the European nations should have come in to clean up the mess.”

“The president of the United States is simply trying to shift responsibility for what is largely the fault of the United States,” he opined.

Militant groups, seizing up the power vacuum in Gaddafi’s wake, have wreaked havoc in the country, leaving the country’s situation a “mess” as described by Obama.

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