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Ford Foundation Funded “Anarchist” Comes to the Rescue of the Feds

Leftist-antifascist “anarchist” Spencer Sunshine, a writer for the Ford Foundation-funded Political Research Associates (led by one-time Hoxhaist Chip Berlet), explains whey “them poor old feds need all the help they can get.” See here. “There’s fascists in them there hills!”

A more reasonable take on the Oregon stand off from the Left can be seen in this piece from Gary Chartier at the Center for a Stateless Society or from this article on the “Last Real Indians” website.

The Vietnam War era produced “State Department socialists.” Are the “Justice Department anarchists” on the way?

With the exception of islands of reason like Chartier or Last Real Indians, the Left has reacted with predictable hysteria to the Bundy/Hammond shenanigans in Oregon. I don’t personally have a perspective on the situation except to regard it as a local issue for local people to decide. If Oregonians want to come to the defense of the militiamen, wonderful. If they don’t, that’s fine. too. Yet I find it rather silly and disgusting that virtually the entire spectrum of the Left, from liberal Democrats to Commies, have been parroting the federal government’s line on this situation and often calling for a stronger use of force than what the state has demonstrated thus far.

This is the kind of crap that the Left used to pull during the era of the 90s militia movement which was one of the main reasons I began moving away from the Left back in those days and looking for more radical alternatives. Once again, it has been demonstrated that the contemporary Left is not a radical, much less revolutionary, or even oppositional force to the system. Instead, the Left in its present incarnation is merely a manifestation of the left-wing of the ruling class (or an appendage or useful idiots for such) just as so-called “conservatives” have long functioned as useful idiots for the right-wing of the ruling class.

A pox on all their houses.

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