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That’s Dr. Nazi to You

I tell you, this Keith Preston guy is bad ass, whoever he is.

Says professional “anti-fascist” Mike Issacson:

“Another NPI speaker Keith Preston, also ends up largely in the same place as Faye and the others, but in his own fake anarchist way. For Preston, the end result of nationalism is increasingly specific overlapping forms of identitarian chauvinism. Preston, who holds an MA in history from VCU, advocates for the seemingly contradictory ideology pioneered by Troy Southgate called National-Anarchism.

In the National-Anarchist tradition, building popularity for such an absurd ideology requires entryism — attempts to co-opt the power of existing social movements for the purpose of ethnic strife and clannish tribalism. Preston manages the online zine AttackTheSystem and directs the pan-secessionist something-or-other American Revolutionary Vanguard.

He has written several articles on LewRockwell.com defending Ron Paul and arguing against immigration. He has also held important positions within the anarchist Industrial Workers of the World union and International Workers Association, things he still proudly puts on his resume.”

It’s looks like this “me as anti-Latino guy” theme is catching on and becoming the latest narrative: https://twitter.com/smashracismdc/status/641649511744598016

These things seem to go in phases. It used to be I was labeled the anti-Semite guy because I used to do a lot of Zionist bashing during the Bush-neocon era: http://attackthesystem.com/…/do-i-believe-jews-control…/

Then I became the homophobe guy because I called out some folks in the left-libertarian milieu for being a bunch of special pleading crybabies. http://mutualist.blogspot.com/…/open-letter-to-keith…

Then I became the elitist unbermenschen guy who endorses warlordism and “anarcho-slavery”: http://newpol.org/…/rising-above-herd-keith-prestons…

It must have been this speech to NPI in 2011 that got me the anti-Latino label: http://www.npiamerica.org/…/mass-immigration-and…

Here’s a selective summary of what I actually said at the NPI conference from Claus Brinker:

“Keith Preston, an anarchist, spoke third. His presentation framed the situation of ethnically aware Europeans in the same light as other ethnic groups that are pitted against the destructive force of American imperialism. Preston stated that unlike past imperial models similar to the Roman Empire in which ethnic and cultural identities of conquered peoples were allow to remain intact so long as proper tribute was paid to the empire, in American imperialism there is a quasi-religious perspective in that all who are conquered must convert to the American cultural model, which is actually anti-cultural.

The most relevant aspect of Preston’s talk to the theme of the conference was a description of the three identities allowed to a person under the American imperialist system. First, every individual is a subject of the state. This is non-negotiable. Second, individuals may be workers or professionals who contribute to the economy of the state, in which case their identity is defined by how they contribute. Third, individuals may be consumers of what the state economy provides, in which case their identity is defined by what they consume. Any unique identity that conflicts with these three identities allowed by the state must be eradicated. And this is why any separatist movement, including racial separatism, is viewed as an enemy of the state.”

There is also a discussion of my presentation at NPI on the Right Stuff podcast.

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