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How to Write a “Political Correctness Run Amok” Article

A Social Justice Warrior makes her case. Theoretically, one could be a full and committed Social Justice Warrior and simultaneously be a pan-anarchist or tactical pan-secessionist, as I have previously articulated elsewhere. However, as we know, it usually doesn’t work that way. Yet an interesting development that I have observed in some corners is that some radical PC Leftists have actually begun to recognize the merits of the ARV-ATS approach, even if they reject the messenger.

By Julia Serrano

I know why you’re here. Something has happened that has pushed you over the edge. You know, with regards to “political correctness.” Or “call-out culture,” or the “Internet outrage machine,” or whatever you want to call it.

It’s been a lot of little things up until now — you know, comments that you’ve seen on social media, or protests that you’ve heard about, all condemning people for supposedly “bad” things they may have said or done. But something recently happened to someone famous, or someone you respect — for anonymity’s sake, let’s just call them the Person of Stature. And as an example, let’s pretend the Person of Stature was invited to speak at a University, but then some students started complaining about supposedly “bigoted” things that this Person of Stature has said about some minority group in the past. Or present. And these students started protesting. They even passed a petition around. The nerve of them!


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