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On Russia’s Campaign in Syria

By Brandon Martinez

Non-Aligned Media


Brandon Martinez
Non-Aligned Media
October 4, 2015

So Russia has launched an air campaign in Syria to allegedly defend the embattled Assad regime. While this action will undoubtedly tickle the fancy of Putin’s diehard supporters in anti-Zionist circles, it does not undermine the logical, factual inferences I laid out in my recent essay.

The bottom line is this: Putin is not an “anti-Zionist.” He has never been one and he will never truly be one. As I noted in the essay, Russia and Israel have much more in common than Russia has with any Arab, Muslim-majority state.

Russia’s alliance with Syria and Iran is based on economic pragmatism, not ideological kinship. It is essentially no different than the Kremlin’s strong partnership with Erdogan’s Turkey, Al-Sissi’s Egypt, and Modi’s India, the only difference being the latter three countries are not being threatened by the West or Israel at the moment because they are all neutralized on the Palestine question and submit to Western economic and geopolitical demands.


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  1. I’ve done a lot of interviews lately with Press TV where I outline what I think in happening with regards to the conflicts between America, Russia, Iran, Syria, Israel, etc. I try to keep my commentary as non-ideological as reasonably possible and simply look at these conflicts from an analytical or academic perspective. You can find many of these interviews through a Google search:

    I largely see these recent conflicts as another round of intra-mural conflicts between rival factions of the international capitalist class. We might say that “Team A” among the international plutocrats is what I call the “Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabist” axis. “Team B” are states, ruling classes, and factions among the international plutocrats with rival interests to Team A. It’s the same way that the political parties in different countries represent rival ruling class factions, with the most powerful factions usually having a hand in all the parties (for instance, Goldman-Sachs bank rolls both the Democrats and the Republicans in the US, even if the parties tend to represent different sectional interests among the ruling class).

    Russia’s present foreign policy seems to be an effort to reassert the pre-Bolshevik model of Russian imperialism. The Russians have always regards the Baltic region and Central Asia as their legitimate sphere of influence. Someone said above that Putin is worried about ISIS and other terrorists threatening Russia and I think that’s correct. Russia is getting involved in Syria largely because they’re concerned that if Assad falls and ISIS takes over, the Sunni fundamentalist terrorist insurgencies will grow to where they threaten Russia’s border states, and carry out terrorist acts in Russia itself. To understand contemporary Russia, it’s best to draw on the historical lessons of the old Russian empire rather than the Soviet period.

    In terms of international relations on a larger scale, I think what we’re seeing now is something that I predicted would happen in the early 2000s. Various blocks of nations seem to be emerging whose states, ruling classes, and power elites are challenging Team A. Examples are an increasingly assertive Russia, and somewhat increasingly assertive China, the BRICS which could potential form vast trading blocks and a reserve currency independently of Team A, the Resistance Block in the Middle East (Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, the Houthi of Yemen, and various Iraqi and Palestinian groups), and (somewhat) anti-American regimes in Latin America (e.g. Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil). I think the main thing this represents is that Team A is losing its grip and the post-Cold War period of American unipolar domination is coming to an end.

  2. If that is the case then the US(via proxies ) is on Russia,s border threatening WW3 because of capitalism and not the fact that US capitalism is owned by Jews as is the corrupt Senate and Big Business and they see their dollar printing and worthless bonds as really worthless ? Jews run the US they dont run Russia unlike the US Russia looks after the poor -sick-old and those with psychiatric problems the US jails the lot. You know full well Israel is after “Greater Israel ” taking in Syria to build a pipeline through Russia is stopping that so outraged squeals from the US government and Senate -War ! War ! War ! . They are being given the biggest showing up in their lives by Russia Worldwide as after bombing Syria for a long time the great US military cant stop them as they set up ISIS/L financed them/ supplied weapons -logistics sent in the CIA MI6 “American “experts English SAS looked after when injured by Israel and given weapons on leaving hospital and to help the arms industry owned by Jews but US Vets are now having their free hospital attention stopped after a short time to pay for Israels war I dont see Russia doing that so I dont agree . And if you are sticking with your point then most of the non-aligned World would rather be under the protection of Russia than under a ruthless dictatorship as the US now is . Torturing /jailing /invading illegally foreign countries -killing Millions of World civilians over the years of its non stop invasions. You dont even have freedom in your own country just ask your Jewish trained police force -try protesting and DIE ! THe 70,s are long gone the US citizen is a prisoner in their own country and you need $200 Million to stand in a US election for President and US citizens are told who to vote for like sheep. -Yes a “”truly “” ” democratic ” “”free ” country -NOT !!

  3. This is one of the oldest stories in the world:

    The degenerate ruling class of a late stage Empire, surrounded at every point by sycophants and courtiers, has chosen to live in a world built of the delusions that are the most satisfying to its vanity. Anyone who would challenge them has long since been banished from the Imperial court.

    While he is clearly afflicted with this disease, this didn’t come from Obama. Those who can only respond to this crisis by emoting at the stereotypical hate figures of their chosen side can never comprehend it, and will usually fall prey to it themselves. The Republicans loudly rejected the humanitarian adventurism of Clinton the First, only to fall prey to the neocon adventurism of Bush the Second. The Democrats loudly rejected the neocon adventurism of Bush the Second only to fall prey to the humanitarian adventurism of Obama’s Amazons.

    While this class is still capable of a kind of ruthless cynicism that seeks to engage in merciless power plays under the cover of moral camouflage, the mismatches between their real worldview and the reality they seek to manipulate are so profound that these maneuvers run aground almost immediately. The maneuver in Ukraine was completely cynical and utterly delusional *at the same time*. A true Machiavellian would have taken one look at that swamp and beheaded any advisors who were trying to drag him into it.

    The best evidence that our policy is guided by delusions is the way that our rulers keep getting completely blindsided by the most obvious and predictable events. Dial back to the liberation of Crimea, watch the videos and listen to the podcasts, and pay very close attention to the body language, the facial expressions, and the tone of voice of the humanitarian adventurists. They were not faking their terror and disorientation. Real cynics would have seen the (unbelievably obvious) Russian move coming from a mile away, and would not have been so terrorized by it.

    The bombing of “Pro-US” Syrian terrorists by the Russians is a case in point. Russia has spent the last month openly building up strike force in Syria and publicly preparing the political groundwork for the operation. The western media has of course covered this with the requisite hysteria. Then Putin goes to the UN and announces the Russian plan in a historical speech that receives international press coverage. Yet somehow the actual bombing of the terrorists who are literally threatening the Syrian state somehow catches the White House by surprise. Did they honestly think Putin was just bluffing? Did they think that he was going to ask permission first, and then only bomb the terrorists we don’t like?

    Putin seems to have a very lucid understanding of his enemy’s delusions, and his strategic Judo maneuver in Syria is a brilliantly simple way to exploit them. He is going to refuse to make any distinction between “moderate” Wahhabist jihadists and the “Islamic State”, and he is going to wipe all of them out, starting with the ones supported by Israel and the NATO/GCC alliance, mainly because they are the first logical targets.

    Predictably enough this has led the organs of the western foreign policy class to start loudly screaming that the Evil Putin is bombing the good “Pro-US” Jihadists, instead of the bad Islamic State. This is an open admission, from the perpetrators themselves, that they are in fact allied with the genocidal takfiris. Cynics would have the sense to shut the F up while Putin cleaned up the mess in Syria, and would be quietly helping as much as they could. Our ruling class, deprived of its “victory” in Syria, is instead proceeding to throw the loudest possible temper tantrum, and in the process show its filthy ass to the whole world.

  4. What’s happening now is what I always figured would happen to ISIS eventually. It always seemed obvious that the Russians and the Resistance Block weren’t going to merely let ISIS spread indefinitely even to the point of overthrowing Assad. Nor are they going to let Syria fall to any Western-backed jihadis like FSA.

    In fact, China’s providing assistance to Syria is evidence of something else I have long thought would happen, i.e. that the BRICS (or at least its Eurasian wing) and the Resistance Block would eventually come together against the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabist axis (represented by the NATC/GCC alliance).

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