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Resource-rich Afghanistan: An economic stalemate

A documentary on Afghanistan’s economy featuring extensive footage and commentary from yours truly.

Press TV. Watch it here:

Afghanistan has been ravaged by over 40 years of war. Yet this country, which is in transition, enjoys great potential for economic success.

The political and security transition continues to take a heavy toll on Afghanistan’s economy.  Economic growth is estimated to have fallen further to 2 percent in 2014 from 3.7 percent in 2013 and an average of 9 percent during 2003-12. But the country’s economy never had a chance for real growth due to the US invasion and subsequent occupation from NATO and ISAF forces. Any cash injection which turned the wheels of the economy was either from foreign donations or the occupying forces.

The minerals of Afghanistan range from gold to copper and iron. Undiscovered deposits of gas also count. The estimated value of these deposits is about 3 trillion dollars. With an agricultural sector that could be vastly expanded by making irrigation available, Afghanistan can become one the richest countries in Central Asia.

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