Nearly a third of Americans believe Obama is Muslim, not born in U.S.

Social Justice Warriors and Republicans deserve each other.

By Paige Winfield Cunningham

Washington Examiner

Twenty-nine percent of respondents to a CNN poll released Sunday said they believe Obama is Muslim, including 43 percent of Republicans.

Most of the Americans who correctly identified Obama as Christian know that he’s Protestant. Thirty-nine percent of poll respondents said he’s Protestant or other Christian, while just 4 percent think he’s Catholic and 2 percent think he’s Mormon.

There are also persistent perception that Obama was not born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate says. Twenty percent of respondents said he was born outside the country. Nine percent said there’s solid evidence of that, while the rest said it’s just their suspicion.


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  1. Whatever his religious, political, ecomic and social beliefs are, this would not matter if his presidential rule would be confined to his remaining voluntary followers and subjects. All who do peacefully disagree with him and would rather like to do their own things, while letting him do his things among his followers, should be free to do so. He should be criticized only for his territorial intolerance and power addiction. All too many people, even his critics, still share this important flaw with him.

  2. There’s an old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Clearly, in the history of this nation, we have never before had a president where everything has been questioned nor have we had one so unwilling to simply provide the proof necessary to silence the critics. That is bothersome to say the least.

    The other thing that bother I find of interest is his graduating Graduate class, who are all Democrats, except for one, I believe, have never once seen the man in Graduate school. It was a close-knit class with work groups of 5 to 6 people, that rotated around with projects, and yet not a single classmate ever saw Barrack Obama.

    As one “classmate” said in an interview, “We’re all Democrats and what Democrat wouldn’t love to say they knew the President?!?!?? But in all honesty, not a single one of us ever saw him and it’s impossible to not remember a classmate when you work together in groups. He had to be in one of our groups, yet he simply was not.”

    Maybe that’s why Barrack has not only NEVER attended the graduate class reunions, but he has NOT even bothered to send a letter, a note, a video message or even acknowledge his supposedly alma mater and classmates.

    He has irrefutable ties to Muslims and to radical Muslim groups that have been labeled as terrorist groups, if not by the U.S., then by other countries, such as Egypt, for example. I see no reason to pour out readily available facts that I’m sure everyone, who is far more into government news than I, surely already knows. It’s not like it hasn’t been in the mainstream media around the world, even though the U.S. media is far less likely to present anything that might get them booted from the table, so to speak. The ties are there… within his family and his cabinet.

    The point being is that if you or I or any of us had such connections, then we’d be on a Watch List.

    Apparently, the only people not on a Watch List are the actual terrorists who are visiting terrorist training camps AND the tens of millions of illegal aliens entering the U.S. from Mexico and from Chinese human trafficking (slave labor) in particular.

    Point of interest here is that the U.S. is fully aware that terrorists are coming in through the Mexican border and blending right in with the Mexicans.

    Of course, we can’t even manage our own home grown terrorists, let alone our budget, so I’m pretty sure that chaos is coming…. especially after reading how the U.S. has now slipped to 16th in the world in Economic Freedom.

    Point of interest here is that prior to Barrack assuming office, we ranked #2 in the world.

    For the blind and dumbed down Americans, there it is in black and white…. the loss of Freedoms putting us behind countries most Americans consider Third World (because they have no clue what Third World actually means or is) or some cheap vacation destination.

    At no point in history, since the founding of this nation, has America been so laughed at and ignored.

    America is truly a toothless tiger… plenty of indignant roaring but no teeth to do anything about the hunters that are coming for us… like China, North Korea (PDRK). North Korea is no longer some impotent dork… they’re quite the Potent DoRK these days with their estimated 10 to 15 nuclear warheads… which China (who still publicly states they’re ramping up their nukes to wipe out the U.S.) says is actually a far greater number… maybe because China has been shipping them some nukes through those incredible engineering feats that North Korea is known for – their massive underground system of tunnels through solid rock and anything else that’s in their way.

    I apologize for any oversimplification and lack of big words, but honestly, you’d be surprised who reads what you people write… and as a writer, I would say that it’s important to have the masses understand your message more than your peers, because your peers already know what the hell you’re saying when you use less “technical” jargon. Like anything else, those with a depth of knowledge gravitate to greater understanding and more familiar use of the terminology… however, to speak to everyone, who each have a vote, and might want to know your thoughts, I think it’s important to capture their attention and hold it for the entire length of your discourse.

    For everyone who loves Barrack, I don’t live in your glass house. I’ve seen the repercussions first hand with people who needed health care reform, and instead received Barrack’s “Legacy”. Yes, those people have health insurance, but as they have stated to me, “We have it but we still can’t pay for anything and now we’re out the money for the premiums too!”

    Declines in everything under the sun, including Economic Freedoms.

    While the debt is tied to every president, there is no president who has done so little and raised the debt so much. The accounting records for his “Shovel Ready” infusion of money into the economy speaks for itself.

    If you’ve read the entire “Affordable” Health Care Act, then I need say no more…

    …but I will.

    Let’s be honest, it only take that many pages to do so little good and so much bad, if you’re a bunch of idiots savant when it comes to medicine, business, insurance and poverty.

    The idea that a politician can write anything to improve the financial position of people with regards to health care is LUDICROUS!

    Especially when they do NOT know what it means to balance a budget.

    If the budget was balanced, then we’d not be talking about “raising the debt ceiling.”

    If any of us ran our finances like our politicians and Barrack, then we’d all be homeless, in prison, and/or dead.

    You can take any side you want on American politics and Global Warming, but the bottom line facts are that like the polar ice caps, glaciers and The Wicked Witch of Oz… America is melting.

  3. “You can take any side you want on American politics and Global Warming, but the bottom line facts are that like the polar ice caps, glaciers and The Wicked Witch of Oz… America is melting.”

    We need to make T-shirts and posters with that quote on it.

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