Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Where Did the Antiwar Movement Go?

A damn good question.

By Tom Engelhardt


Let me tell you a story about a moment in my life I’m not likely to forget even if, with the passage of years, so much around it has grown fuzzy. It involves a broken-down TV, movies from my childhood, and a war that only seemed to come closer as time passed.

My best guess: it was the summer of 1969. I had dropped out of graduate school where I had been studying to become a China scholar and was then working as a “movement” printer – that is, in a print shop that produced radical literature, strike posters, and other materials for activists. It was, of course, “the Sixties,” though I didn’t know it then. Still, I had somehow been swept into a new world remarkably unrelated to my expected life trajectory – and a large part of the reason for that was the Vietnam War.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t particularly early to protest it. I think I signed my first antiwar petition in 1965 while still in college, but as late as 1968 – people forget the confusion of that era – while I had become firmly antiwar, I still wanted to serve my country abroad.


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  1. In 2015 its easy to say that “Americans just dont care ” its ” johnny foreigner ” thats being killed by Americans -they dont count but the reason for this is propaganda built up over many decades and it worlks just fine . Do you honestly expect US BB (arms industry ) to let trillions of $$$$ be lost to billionaires -no chance ! You the American citizen are conditioned to ignore mass killing of World citizens especially as you are ruled by a wee foreign country your Senators are corrupt taking payments of millions of $$$ to obey Israel .Muslims = non persons -paid death no different from the Mafia just a change of country giving out the orders . Now if you are told= burgers-coke-fries half price the queue would be endless but put up a sign =Freedom and there would be no takers . YOU !!! the American Citizens have the power in your hands but wont use it you vote in the same old corrupter’s year after year under the banner of =vote America any other vote is non American . In the 60,s there was still some Spirit of America to see through the bull and not accept it ,but now ? its citizen against citizen in jobs etc -not citizen against government mis use or corruption -sorry dont want to lose my job or =only commie,s rebel so anti-American or the few are beaten down by foreign payed US Police using night sticks etc -jailed- hospitalized-lost job/home etc. Admit it they have you cold !

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