Are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Tapping into Rage Against the Machine?

Nick Gillespie may be right about these guys actual prospects of getting their party’s nomination, but a Sanders vs Trump presidential election would be advantageous. I wouldn’t endorse or vote for either of them, but I would cheer on their de-legitimizing the system, and creating still more political polarization.

On one hand we have an actual member of the plutocrat class who doesn’t mind calling the system the fraud that it is, and likewise doesn’t mind offending politically correct sensibilities. On the other hand, we have a life long New Left ex-hippie Marxist who doesn’t mind calling out the plutocracy. A Sanders vs Trump election was create an even wider polarization between the Red Tribe and the Blue Tribe than there is now, all the while de-legitimizing the system by calling attention to the institutionalized bribery that characterizes the state and plutocratic domination of the economy.

By Nick Gillespie



Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, interviewed GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina for USA Today and asked her about the Donald Trump bubble, which may have already popped given the Republican furor over his slagging of John McCain.

Here’s the former HP CEO’s take on why a loudmouth with no political experience is sitting atop current GOP polls:


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