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News Digest August 14, 2015

Ron Paul Endorses Rand Paul for President (Well, Duh?) by Nick Gillespie

Bernie Sanders Troubling History of Supporting U.S. Imperialism by Michael Arria

Democrats Talking About Having Al Gore Run for President Again Reuters

Jeb Bush Says Iraq War was a Good Deal by Daniel Larison

So What if Iran Cheats on the Nuclear Deal? by Steve Chapman

Jimmy Carter: There is Zero Chance for the Two-State Solution by Bronwen Maddox

ISIS Accused of Using Chemical Weapons on the Iraqi Kurds Associated Press

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape by Rukmini Callimachi

Turkey Leads the World in Twitter Censorship by Matt Rosoff

Armed Demonstrators Protest the Death of Sandra Bland Seattle Times

Sheriff Compares Constitutionalists to ISIS by Mikael Thalen

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Which Countries Still Have the Death Penalty? Death Penalty Information Center

Surplus Flamethrowers from the Military Are Now Being Sold to the Public CNN

Scientists Say Humans Won’t Survive Next Mass Extinction Russia Today

Why I am a Pro-Life Libertarian by Stephanie Slade

11 Year Old Girl in Paraguay Gives Birth After Being Denied an Abortion Vice News

Must Libertarians Believe in Open Borders? by Sean Gabb

Bush Campaign Lied About Meeting with Black Lives Matter Activists by Hunter

Natural Rights vs Human Rights: A Critique of Alain De Benoist by John Law

25,000 Indian Farmers Are Threatening to Commit Suicide Tomorrow by Olivia Becker

New Jersey Shoot an Unarmed 14 Year Old for Pulling Up His Pants Countercurrents News

Lemmy from Motorhead Switches from Whiskey to Vodka for Health Reasons Dangerous Minds

Leftists Call for More Gun Control to Protect Cops by Inae Oh

Will Hillary Go to Prison Over Secret Emails Red Flag News

How Wall Street’s Bankers Stayed Out of Jail by William D. Cohan

Hillary Clinton: “The Iranian People Love Me”…yeah, right Red Flag News

Listening to Extreme Music Makes You Calmer, Not Angrier, According to Study The Guardian

With Clemency from Obama, Drug Offender Embraces Second Chance by Alan Schwarz

Three Men Arrested Following Treasure Hunt in New York City’s Sewers by Victoria Cavaliere

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Kerry Calls for Democracy as U.S. Flag Rises in Cuba by Michael Weissenstein

Last Letters Homes from Kamikaze Pilots by Andy Nowicki

11 Mothers Who Committed the Most Unimaginable Crimes Against Their Children Answers.Com

State Prisons Chief Calls for Softened Hearts by Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Be Careful, Your Love of Science Looks a Lot Like Religion Quartz

New Documentary Explores Why Florida is So Weird Dangerous Minds

Parents Sue Doctors for Deciding Their Kids is a Girl by Kristin Magaldi

Marijuana Legalization on Ballot in Ohio in 2015, in Massachusetts in 2016 by Jacob Sullum

U.S. Now Has a Record High Immigrant Population of 42 Million by Eben Blake

Louisiana Drug Task Force Spent 11 Months to Nail Some Kids for Pot by Matt Agorist

Amnesty Will Call for Decriminalizing All Aspects of Prostitution by Ben Mathis-Lilley

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