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News Digest July 23, 2015

Petition: Demand an Investigation of Sandra Bland’s Death by Lois Wilkins

How Many Sandra Blands Are Out There? by David A. Graham

An Open Letter to the Greek People by Kevin Carson

Rand Paul Endorses Military Action Against Iran by Daniel Larison

Is There a Full-Blown Global Depression? Zero Hedge

Mexican Army Attacks Indigenous Communities of Ostula by Erin Gallagher

Federal Charges for SWAT Pig Who Injured Toddler with Grenade by Jen Hayden

The School to Prison Pipeline of Poor Minority Kids by Emily Wilson

Man Facing Felony Murder Charge for Telling a Friend Where He Could Find Marijuana by Matt Agorist

Independent Media is Being Targeted at Recent Police Brutality Protests by Kelly W. Patterson

Obama Denies IRS Scandal Ever Happened, Jon Stewart Floored by Kyle Becker

The Other 98%'s photo.

Trump Threatens Third Party Run by Kevin Cirilli and Bob Cusack

Donald Trump: I Will Not Run Third Party by Jim Hoft

Bernie Sanders is a Russia-Bashing, Pro-Israel Militarist Tool by Caleb Maupin

I Gave Up Ayn Rand for Bernie Sanders by Edwin Lyngar

Organizing Territorial Defense in a Stateless Society by Kevin Carson

U.S. Support for Jim Crow Israel by Dan Sanchez

America’s Limited Space for Iran’s Stories by Lucy Steigerwald

Lessons from Obama’s War on Libya by Ivan Eland

Al Jazeera America's photo.

Is the Military Option on Iran Off the Table? by Ray McGovern

Apparently, Medieval-Themed Video Games “Legitimize” “White Supremacy” by Katherine Timpf

The Shameful Liberal Exploitation of the Charleston Massacre by Heather MacDonald

ISIS Threatens to Use Drones to Attack Football Matches in Britain by Nick Gutteridge

Does the Bounty-Hunting Industry Need Reform by Katie Bo Williams

HUD’s “Disparate Impact” War on Suburban America by Michael Barone

The Man Who Lives on Airplanes by Majestic

The 20-Year-Old Activist Who Died Trying to Help Rebuild a City by Zeynep Bilginstoy, Jared Goyette

Homeless Woman Could Face Life Term for Picking Up LAPD Nightstick Los Angeles Times

Political Correctness is Bourgeoisie Communism

China’s Missing Human Rights Lawyers New York Times

How I Lost My Fear of Universal Healthcare by Vyckie Garrison

Pelosi Proposes Lowering the Voting Age to Sixteen by Nicholas Ballasy

Laos is Now the Number One Sex Tourism Destination by Laura Secorun Palet

“Grow Cannabis-We Won’t Arrest You,” Says UK Police Chief Russia Today

High School Student Proves Professor Wrong When He Denied “No Irish Need Apply” Signs Existed

Jihad: It’s Not What You Think It Is by Sydney Barakat

The Business of Renting a Fake Crowd by Dan Schneider

Islamic Protestors Burn LGBT Flag in Houston JewsNews

Swedish “Far Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas: Leftists, Gays Protest by Jan S.

China Dumps Record Amount of U.S. Treasuries by Hang the Bankers

The Voracious Capitalism of Ho Chi Minh City by Thomas Fuller

It’s Worse Than Jerry Seinfield Says: PC is Killing Free Speech by Mick Hume

Satirical Onion Article Accidentally Predicts Actual News Headline by Carey Wedler

Why a McDonald’s Big Mac Could Cost You a Lot More Soon by Brian Sozzi

The Case for Keynesian Economics by C.J. Werleman and Seth Andrews

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