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News Digest July 4, 2015

U.S. Public Opinion is Gradually Turning Against the Death Penalty by Christina Sturbenz

Owners of Oregon Bakery That Refused to Bake Gay Wedding Cake Fined $135,000 by Oliver Darcy

200 Years of U.S. Military Interventions by Jennifer Baker

Islamic State Posts Photos of Militants Taking a Sledgehammer to Ancient Artifacts in Palmyra by Vice News

Polygamous Trio Applies for Wedding License Claiming Protection Under Supreme Court Ruling Countercurrrents News


The Legacy of U.S. Bombing In Laos Forty Years Later by Brett S. Morris

Feds: Celebrate the Fourth by Reciting Obamacare Talking Points to Your Family by Robby Soave

Greece Needs Our Solidarity in Its Struggle Against Austerity by Richard D. Wolff

Riots Hit the Netherlands After Caribbean Man Dies in Police Custody by Anthony Deutsch

Bernie Sanders’ Revolutionary Roots Were Nurtured in 1960s Vermont by Sarah Lyall

Rand Paul is Too Strong on the 2nd Amendment, According to the NRA RedState.Com

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