Left and Right

Colliding Leftist Narratives

Carl Schmitt once referred to the original Nazi movement in Germany as “organized mass insanity.” Nowadays, what passes for the “radical left” has regrettably fallen into such a state.

By Azn Rand

The Right Stuff

What happens when contradictory leftist narratives collide? We get a battle between a woman with a penis and a woman pretending to have a penis. The reason these two groups get into conflicts is because their premises are fundamentally opposed. Transgendered people acknowledge that gender identity is tied to physical identity, while feminists deny this outright. Feminists claim that women do not behave inherently different from men and can have all the traits and responsibilities a man has without the physical traits. This has resulted in actual violent conflicts between the two groups.

Transwomen getting into conflict with feminists is not the only instance of colliding leftist narratives; many feminists spend time attacking pornography while other feminists participate in it. As a result, the public continues to get contradictory messages about what feminists stand for. Not to say that any movement has complete solidarity, but the types of conflicts that arise have no solution. There is no Final Authority to make the final call on feminist theory because it is an individualist philosophy. The proponents of this individualist philosophy correctly recognize that society exists in a hierarchy and they are in opposition based on their belief in egalitarianism. The hierarchy that feminists chose to focus on is the gender hierarchy which is typically referred to as the patriarchy. Cultural Marxists have three heads: the socialists who focus on economic inequality, the feminists who focus on patriarchy and the anti-racists who focus on racial hierarchy.

Occasionally the three heads of Marxism have inter-conflicts. For example, a feminist organizer or leader can be seen as not racially inclusive. There were Marxists literally picketing SlutWalk because it did not consider women of color enough.

Protest sign that confirms that white people are the only ones with agency.

No feminist rally is complete without a transsexual, aboriginal woman of color. The fundamental problem with having such a requirement is that social activism is a white, liberal, bohemian activity. The colored working class have no time for such things. As a result, the movement will perpetually be considered racist by the more-holier-than-thou fanatical progressives. It is not enough to claim victim status as a mere white woman; it is literally a race to the bottom. The more degenerate and hated the group, the more points it scores. This is a race no one can win; people can only become more wretched in this bid for ultimate victimhood.

Look, a white FEMEN woman culturally appropriating the hijab.

Recently, FEMEN (radical feminist group) was exposed as a patriarchal organization. The group was formed and run by a man who “hand-picked the prettiest girls” to protest topless in order to get the most press coverage. Who would have thought that it was in fact a MAN who came up with the idea that women should protest topless? Feminists are now up in arms over what to do with the movement, most making a motion to dissolve it themselves.

Hugo Schywyzer
“Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement” –The Onion

These sorts of conflicts parody the Cultural Marxists beyond the imagination of normal folk. It is sensational for the public to find out if a professor of feminism is a con-man who used his position to obtain sex or if trannies are at war with feminists or if a feminist movement is counter-protested for being too white. Part of the TRS strategy is to catalyze the maximum application of The Dildocracy to the extent that it would even offend the typical liberal. Reactionary is what happens in reaction to extremists and the left is becoming so extreme that it is colliding with itself.

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