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Is Salon Right? Is Honduras a Libertarian Nightmare?

Tom Woods interviews Michael Strong. Listen here.

Salon’s latest attack on libertarianism involves blaming it for poor conditions in Honduras, of all places. We respond in this episode. Show notes below!

About the Guest

Michael Strong is an author, a co-founder of Radical Social Entrepreneurs, and the founder of numerous Socratic, Montessori, and Paideia schools.

Article Discussed

My Libertarian Vacation Nightmare: How Ayn Rand, Ron Paul and Their Groupies Were All Debunked,” by Edwin Lyngar

Articles in Favor of Free Zones

The Blank Slate State,” by Brian Doherty
The Legal Autonomy of the Dubai International Financial Centre: A Scalable Strategy for Global Free-Market Reforms,” by Michael John Strong and Robert Himber

Guest’s Book

Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems

Guest’s Website

Radical Social Entrepreneurs

Guest’s Blog

The Purpose of Education

Guest’s Twitter


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