Bow Ties and Slam Poetry: This Is Libertarianism in 2015

Somehow I can’t really picture these folks overthrowing any actual governments.

By David Weigel

“I’m on that f*** Jim Crow flow,” says Matthew La Corte. “I’m Thoreau meets Van Gogh after doing three lines of blow.”

It’s Saturday night—Valentine’s Day, if you want to make an easy joke out of it—at the eighth International Students for Liberty conference. In the bellows of the Marriott Wardman Park, La Corte, a bow-tied Hofstra University senior, is delivering libertarian slam poetry. He is framed by easels of libertarian paintings, varying from pure abstraction to the hammer-head metaphor of “Angel Drone,” a drone that was also an angel. La Corte’s audience, a few dozen libertarian students and organizer Jeffrey Tucker, had chuckled at the curse word, then hushed up.

“I’m melting clocks, I’m listening to Bach, I have visions of Tupac,” says La Corte. “I move people, call me the tire, in Hofstra attire, I aspire to inspire.” Halfway through, after quoting Beyonce, he pivots to “serious shit” and changes up his meter.


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