Left and Right

Understanding the Hierarchy of Groups within the Cultural Marxist Schema

Even as the forces of totalitarian humanism continue to become more extreme and outlandish, cracks are emerged. Demographics have doomed the Red Tribe to death. Internal contradictions will bring the demise of the Blue Tribe. The Grey Tribe is up next.

By Tim Dunkin

Traditional Right


If there is one thing that defines the thought of the cultural Marxist “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) crowd, it is the division of people in our country into groups based on race, gender, religion (provided the religion in question is not a traditional Western faith) and sexual proclivities. The radical Left just loves doing this, for a number of reasons. Dividing people into groups allows for easier identification of who is a cultural “enemy” and who is an “ally.” It facilitates the ability of the SJWs to play group against group in their struggle to obtain political power. It also permits them to punish groups which exist outside or fall out of the cultural Marxists’ favor.


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