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How Racist Are White Nationalists?

White nationalists, what say you?

By Robert Lindsay

Negrofication Magnification Ratios said:

Very few white supremacists actually exist. The reality is that most so called white supremacists are in fact white separatists. They are wrongly labeled. The vast majority are simply interested in living in a white state.

However, this is where the practical problem appears for them. Belarus is a white nation but white separatists are not heading there. So in reality white nationalists are just debaters who love a debate but never do anything. Socialists and Islamic Imperialists are much more pro active and do have plenty of practical strategies. White supremacists or separatists do nothing in comparison to to the other two international ideologies of conquest. When was the last time these white groups did anything but debate on the internet ? And if you can find something, I can find a zillion things the socialists and Islamic ideologues have done during the same time frame.

The second paragraph is 100% correct. However, the first paragraph is not.

This is one of the biggest lies of the White nationalists. “We are not racists or White supremacists, we are just White separatists. We do not hate anyone. We just want to live alone by ourselves in peace.”

I actually believed this for some time because these scumbags kept spouting this line endlessly. I am not sure if they truly believe this or if they know they are lying, but I can assure you that it is a total lie. That is because I have never met one single White separatist who was not an utterly vicious, wildly off the charts racist White person. Not only are White separatists all racists, but these are by far the most racist White people of them all.

Some clues: They wish to live apart from the other races because they hate them so much.

The reason they want to “preserve their genetic heritage” is not because they are emulating the Endangered Species Act. It is because they think that White people are so vastly superior with all of the other inferior races that to let the White race die out in terms of pure Whites would be a disaster. Just think: how could you let the most superior super-humans of all interbreed with inferiors to create a much inferior stock? We are so superior that we cannot allow ourselves to go extinct.

And really most White nationalists are Nordicists. They are few White nationalists who are Jewish or even Meds. The Nordicists absolutely hate all Mediterranean Whites and say that they are non-Whites. They also think that Meds are vastly inferior to Nords and it would be an outrage to interbreed superior Nords with such inferior Med stock. That is why most White separatism actually starts advocating Nordicist separatism at some time or another.

The truth is that all of these people are insane. If you are a White nationalist, you are a crazy person. The overwhelming majority of Whites are not particularly racist and they vociferously reject the extreme racism of the White nationalists. In fact, most Whites despise White nationalists and regard them as scum.

White nationalists keep saying they have majority support for their great cause, but I would love to see the issue polled. Come on. Let’s poll it. Let’s ask White people how many of them want to separate from other races and break away from the US form the New White Republic in Idaho or wherever. I dare them to poll it. Let’s see how much support this really has. Worse than that, it will need support of the non-Whites. Let’s poll the non-Whites and see how many of them will let the Whites from Idaho New Whitopia. Poll it, I dare you.

Bottom line is that peaceful White separatism is not workable or even possible. Once you get to know White separatists well, most of them will tell you that the peaceful separatism line is a big lie that they all push and that the actual reality is, as they say, “There’s going to have to be a war.” So there will be no peaceful White separatism. There will have to a RAHOWA first. That is why if you hang around their forums, White nationalists are always predicting that RAHOWA is around the corner. But it never happens.

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  1. Ten Eternal Truths of White Nationalism

    By: Curt Dietrich

    1. A White Nationalist places their race above all and makes any and all sacrifices necessary to further the cause of White Nationalism and the advancement of our people.

    2. A White Nationalist does all they can to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    3. A White Nationalist takes pride in the history, cultures, values, morals, and accomplishments of their people and live by those standards set by our ancestors.

    4. A White Nationalist strives to exemplify class, strong character, and a standard of excellence at all times so that they never let their people down.

    5. A White Nationalist cultivates camaraderie and fosters unity amongst our people for we will triumph together as one or we shall perish alone.

    6. A White Nationalist thinks before they act so that they do not bring shame, harm, or disgrace to their self or our people.

    7. A White Nationalist strengthens their body through healthy living, sharpens and hones their mind through the pursuit of knowledge, and fortifies their spirit with steadfast determination in order to become the personification and vehicle of White Nationalism and victory.

    8.A White Nationalist lies not to their comrades and people; for they are our family and honesty is our virtue.

    9. A White Nationalist adds special significance to the concept of honor and will not accept any transgression against their cause, people, or their person.

    10. A White Nationalist never surrenders, never retreats, and would rather die than accept any defeat.

    • How Racist are Jewish Nationalists?
      How Racist are Black Nationalists ?
      How Racist are Mexican and hispanic Nationalist ?
      How Racist are oriental Nationalist?
      Or is it only Racist if the Nationalist is white?
      I think we have a hypocritical double standard here.

  2. You have never heard anybody talk about a race problem?

    You have never heard White people condemned being told to accept multiculturalism and assimilate immigrants?

    You have never heard anybody insist on open borders in ALL & ONLY White countries?

    You have never heard anybody say the Final Solution to racism is “mixing THE races”? When they mean only mixing races in White countries?

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  3. Let me guess, you live in a nice White neighborhood and calling people racist from there. That’s called a hypocrite.

    Fine, lets put all the Blacks and Arabs in your area because you are a “not racist” and Ill keep the Whites. Anytime.

    Race doesnt exist, right? Hahaha, what a joker!

  4. Well, it’s only ever an issue when white people do it.

    When blacks and other races show pride, that’s ok.

    The cultural marxists will lose in the end, as even they will never achieve social cohesion enough to maintain their “order”

  5. You want to know crazy racial stuff? Pick any given day on the Venice beach boardwalk in SoCal maybe about 12 years ago or so (could still be happening today, I haven’t been back since then) and have fun as a white person running the gauntlet of almost a hundred members of the 5% black Israelite groups in their crazy costumes, yelling straight up racial abuse at every white person they see through a megaphone and pa system. Cops will not intervene. If you make it through that, you can enjoy random non white “street performers” whose entire act consists of verbal, physical, and sexual harassment to get you to give them money and leave you alone. Again, cops do not intervene.

    And you want me to worry about the private opinions of non violent, tax paying white people, spoken mostly in their own homes and among like minded company? Right.

  6. Just from this sentence, “They are few White nationalists who are Jewish or even Meds.”, I know I’m dealing with someone who hasn’t a clue what a WN is. I also love how you spout opinion as fact. You’re an idiot.

  7. Anti-population replacement (as opposed to WN) seems consistent with traditionalism. Massive population replacement certainly wiped out Amerindian traditions in nearly all of the territory of what is now the US.

  8. “The reason they want to “preserve their genetic heritage” is not because they are emulating the Endangered Species Act. It is because they think that White people are so vastly superior with all of the other inferior races that to let the White race die out in terms of pure Whites would be a disaster. Just think: how could you let the most superior super-humans of all interbreed with inferiors to create a much inferior stock? We are so superior that we cannot allow ourselves to go extinct.”

    Which begs the question: What’s wrong with being racist, so conceptualized? (To this question, no one has ever provided me with a coherent explanation.) For example, I definitely am an ego-ist in that I prefer not going extinct and I do preference myself to others (thus rejecting utilitarianism). I guess that you could say that I’m an ego supremacist in the sense that I personally value myself more than others and thus, in a sense, feel that my being is worth more to me — or is superior to me — than is that of others, at least with whom I don’t identify. If a racist is just an egoist who identifies with his race, so what? — Unless you oppose preferencing one’s self to non-self and are a Jacobin of the most extreme sort Do you? If doing otherwise is insane, then I am happy to be so.

    • Quote: Robert Lindsay
      “They are few White nationalists who are Jewish.”
      Jews or not nationalist, what a crock tell that one to the Palestinian people.

      • The news media will not get upset with one who claims to be a Jewish, hispanic,or asian nationalist.
        But oh my God let a white person claim to be a nationalists!

  9. When you use the terminology of thhe Frankfurt school, key among them being the R word, you have revealed that you have already been programmed by the radical left, accept and advance their points of view. Racism didn’t exist in the English lexicon until the 1930s, and if you bother to look up Sam Francis’ expose on the topic you can see the context in which it was invented and employed by radical Bolsheviks to attack the foundations of Western society. Lindsay is an asshole (Like the Frankfurt School psychoanalysts) who, not wanting to acknowledge the legitimate grievances of his adversaries, instead maliciously attempts to ascribe to them a mental condition so as to safely ignore them. In contrast to his condescending and ignorant pronouncements I highly doubt the majority of Westerners have a genocidal death wish. People fit into natural communities and eventually they start to feel squeezed or are targeted. The discontent is going to grow.

    • He was definitely being an asshole; I’m not sure why Preston let him post this. All pan-Secessionists are “insane” “supremacists” in Lindsay’s sense. They are all scum as they prefer their own way and think that theirs is better for them — which is why they want to secede. What possibly did this screed contribute?

    • Given the situation, Preston should be commended for his willingness to defend (a pan-secessionist version of) White Nationalism. For this, I am sure that he has received much derision, which is why, I imagine, that he, from time to time, allows for the positing of Lindsay like snarks, despite them contributing nothing to the discourse — which is not to say that a reasoned critique or discussion of WN (as separatism) would not. White nationalism, were it ever to be realized, would be of no practical benefit to me; however I support it, conditioned on its manner of realization, in my opposition to hegemonic globalism and universalism. How one couldn’t, from this perspective, I cant see. It’s easy to deride and defame what everyone has been taught to hate — and no doubt it feels cathartic and good, I no longer expect better from others or even myself. I am now genuinely surprised when someone like Preston does otherwise.

  10. Over the years I’ve taken pretty strong stances against gun control, in favor of the militia movement, against the U.S.-Israel alliance, against PC, and for secession. All of those positions collectively have generated a large WN audience for my work.

    Of course, the anarcho-leftoids and anti-fascists are irritated to no end by that because they generally regard WNs as their tribal enemy (like the Bloods and the Crips) and here I am defaming the good name of anarchism by having WNs in my orbit.

    But the Left’s views on this question are ridiculous. The Left is still stuck in the 1950s when it comes to race issues. They apparently think we’re still in Ozzie and Harriet’s America as opposed to the America of the 21st century where diversity has become part of the state’s self-legitimating ideology.

    Nowadays, white nationalists are just a marginal fringe group, and no different from tons of other fringe groups: Black Muslims, Black Israelites, Afro-centrics, Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Opus Dei, the UFO true believers, Flat Earthers, anarcho-primitivists, the New Age sects, Maoists, etc.

    But you have some anarchists who are too busy re-fighting the Spanish civil war to notice any of this. And for liberals and leftists generally, you have a hysteria that matches the “satanic panic” of the 80s where you had religious fanatics thinking Satanist were running around sacrificing babies or whatever. Nowadays, you’ve got leftist fanatics who think mass armies of neo-Nazis are out there cooking up Zyklon B in their kitchen.

  11. I have been researching demographics and white nationalism for a couple months now; I’ve come to the same conclusions as the author. I’ll give an example.

    I listen to WN radio and last night’s was fairly typical. There were five or six males who phoned in, half from Texas. They bemoaned the supposedly raw deal whites are getting and agreed that “things are coming to a head.” Some things they said did ring true, but it was the stuff we encounter everyday – a rude person in a store – that I attribute to poor education and training. They attribute it to race.

    Anyway, the host asked the guests to give a date for the revolution and creation of their ethnostate. The host suggested ten years and then asked, “what are we going to do with 30 million blacks?” One guest suggested giving them MS and LA while another said only killing them would work. I’d recommend a category 5 hurricane because nothing less is going to make poor people move, and even then they are not going that far. In other words, it ain’t happening.

    Yes, these folks are indeed racists and also completely insane. I could almost buy into whites forming an enclave in a couple states or moving to Eastern Europe (which is very, very white), but making the US all white is absurd. There are actually closer to 40 million blacks, as well as about 60 million other minorities who the WNs on the radio believed were prepared to “self-deport.” Also, fully 80% of baby boomers are white – old and getting older and looking forward to their medicare. These folks are not interested in a revolution unless it is at the pharmacy. What WNs refuse to admit is that things may sometimes look unfair and even terrible in the US, but remain a whole helluva lot better than other parts of the world. And that includes Europe.

    So, as the author says, these guys – and they are 99% white males – are just a racist debating society of the same topics year after year. When’s the revolution and where do we set up our all-white state. And every year it is just around the corner. As a black baby boomer, I am getting rather bored waiting. I think I may go stir some shit up at the pharmacy.

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