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Was the American Revolution Secessionist?

Daniel McCarthy tells what is basically the truth about America’s founding. It was led by continental imperialists who resented the British for getting in the way of their own expansionist designs on the Indian lands. Leftist historians like Howard Zinn have long pointed this out.

By Daniel McCarthy

The American Conservative

Battle of Yorktown re-enactors.Visions of America /

Battle of Yorktown re-enactors.Visions of America /

A few people may be a little unclear about the argument of my last post on secession as a principle of liberty (or not, as I argue). Its inspiration was the fact that it seemed curious for Americans to long for Scottish secession when the Scots themselves had voted against it. Whatever was being expressed was not sympathy for the Scottish people, so what was it? The answer was a general case for secession as an inherently good thing, in radical libertarian theory, because it leads to smaller states, and maybe no states. I pointed out various problems with this notion, which seems to have greater emotional force than reasoning behind it.


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  1. I have seen similar comments on their Constitution wanking posts, and the Conservatards predictably go into a fury. The trouble with the American Conservative is that it is American, and Conservative. Exemplars of impotant attempts to salvage liberalism. To paraphrase Fritz on the Bible, one should put on gloves before handling it.

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