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The Stark Truth with Robert Stark

Robert has some very interesting interviews available featuring cutting edge political dissidents and topics that rarely get discussed elsewhere. Check some of these out:









Robert Stark talks to Daryl Basarab of the Gangster Bolshevik movement. Listen to the interview here.

Topics include:

•Support for your clique and allied cliques instead of the entire “movement,” society, nation, race etc.
•Regionalism. Support for the local area, but not bourgeois nationalism.
•Why Nationalism is different in Europe and America.
•Why Daryl favors European Nationalist over the existing political system.
•Support for a class struggle.
•Not an open advocacy of violence, but a quiet admiration of people who are in jail.
•Gangster Bolsheviks take a termite view towards society.
•Disrespect for authority when you aren’t on the same page as the authority.
•Study of both Fascist and Marxist thinkers. Preference for a Socialist revolution, then after that, a mob like authoritarian rule.
•The capitalist state never “withers away” it is replaced. Lenin was correct on this.
•The socialist state will not “wither away” either. It will simply complete the class struggle and either be reformed or replaced.
•The state is only opposed as a tool of a class oppression. Gangster bolsehvism is not anarchism.
•Why Gangster Bolsheviks tend to admire Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and Kim Il-Sung but tend to dislike Trotsky.
•The “Work the system” mentality and why Gangster Bolsheviks consider Bernie Madoff a hero.
•Mussolini’s theory on why the middle class doesn’t support’s it’s class interest
•Opposition to bourgeois liberalism
•Opposition to political correctness and moralistic arguments.
•Stance on Zionism; opposition to WN style racial anti-Semitism in favor of either assimilation or self sufficiency.
•Sexuality; support for possessiveness of one’s body and opposition to Players and Sluts.
•Elliot Rodgers.
•Daryl’s Trolling and online feuds














Robert Stark talks to Kerry Bolton about his book “Peron and Peronism,” on Argentina’s Juan Person and his legacy. “Peron and Peronism is published by Black House Publishing. Listen to the interview here.

Juan Peron’s biography

Third Position: opposition to both Communism and Capitalism

Neutrality in the Cold War and support for non aligned nations such as Libya

•Peron’s struggle against international finance

Bank Nationalization and State Credit

•His views on and how he provided social programs

•Person policies on the distribution of property

•How Peron was influenced by Catholic Social Teachers but opposed by the Vatican


•Peron’s influence throughout Latin America

Hugo Chavez as a hybrid between Peronism and Marxism

•Peron’s legacy and movements that claim his mantle

•The situation in the Ukraine

•Kerry Bolton’s upcoming book on Francis Parker Yockey


Robert Stark Interviews T. J. Parsell

T.J. Parsell is an author, filmmaker, and human rights activist, dedicated to ending sexual violence in prison, and ending the practice of sending juveniles to adult jails and prisons. His passion stems from the years he spent in prison as a teenager and young adult.

This interview discusses T.J. Parsell’s experience in prison, the U.S. prison system and its defects, racial realities inside prison, and his current film project. Listen to the interview here.












Robert Stark interviews journalist Luke Ford. Listen to the interview here. He blogs at http://www.lukeford.netTopics include:

Working as a columnist for the porn industry

How he see’s himself as a journalist analyzing porn rather than promoting it

How individuals in the porn industry lack human and social connections

His Memoir “XXX Communicated: Rebel without a Shul”

Why sexual sin is less important in Orthodox Judaism than in Christianity

Why Jews are overrepresented in the porn industry

How his moral views about pornography has changed

His conversion to Judaism and latter to Orthodox Judaism

His admiration of Dennis Prager

How Luke’s suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder causes him to look for heroes

His status as a convert in Orthodox Judaism

His recent trip to his home country Australia and how it has changed

How homogeneous countries have higher levels of social trust and social capital

On Luke’s search for an Orthodox wife

His minor celebrity status

How he broke the story of  LA Mayor Villaraigosa’s affair

Why he recently came out of the closet as a White Nationalist

Why he believes every group as a right to advocate for their group interest

How his exposure to Orthodox Judaism led to his sympathy to White Nationalism

Why Orthodox Jews tend to have little interest in left wing politics

His interview with Kevin MacDonald and why Macdonald does not view Orthodox Judaism as a threat

Elliot Rodger and how the feeling of emptiness causes people to prove their worthiness

How lacking a sense of belonging and identity causes emptiness

Luke’s one man play “Erotized Rage”

Sex Addiction

The importance of social status

The Alexander Technique


 Alex from Academic Composition





Robert Stark talks to Alex from Academic Composition on writing college papers for money and the massive fraud that is higher education. Listen to the interview here.

Topics include:

Alex’s Russian background and how Russians take a more cynical view towards society than Americans

Addressing the allegations that academic ghost writing is ethically wrong

Demographics of those who use his services include lazy students, older busy employed students, and foreign students

How academia create docile workers for corporations rather than good citizens

Academia as a money making industry

The diminishing value of a college degree

Ghost writing as a political cause to undermine the system


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