We’re Moving Forward and We Need Your Help!

2014 has thus far proved to be an interesting year for American Revolutionary Vanguard and AttacktheSystem.Com.

After many years of laboring in the trenches on the fringe of the fringe of the world of dissident politics, the ideas we have long promoted here at ATS are starting to get some serious traction.

We have long criticized the mainstream anarchist movement for its clinging to the archaic left/right model of the political spectrum, and its failure to turn anarchism into an effective resistance force. Meanwhile, we have encouraged the growth and development of dissident anarchist tendencies. A crucial development has now begun to take place in the mainstream anarchist milieu. The bitterness, divisiveness, factionalism, and excessive political correctness that we have criticized and rejected in anarchist circles has come to a head. It is now virtually impossible for an anarchist event of any size to take place without the emergence of a physical altercation between rival factions and (ironically) the cops being called. What this means is that the mainstream anarchist movement is in the process of self-destruction because of its own self-limiting methods. As the anarchist establishment continues to fall apart, many of its former participants will be looking for new directions. The door will be open for a new, more sophisticated, and more ideologically and strategically advanced anarchist movement to emerge and eventually eclipse the dysfunctional present day anarchist movement.

Meanwhile anarchist, libertarian, and radically anti-statist ideas have achieved phenomenal new levels of interest in recent years due to the rapid growth of the mainstream libertarian movement. Unfortunately, much of libertarianism has yet to fully break with the system. Too many libertarians often sound like Democrats and Republicans in terms of the issues they like to push or argue about. Too many libertarians retain a moderate, reformist stance. It is part of our task at Attack the System to push the libertarian milieu in an ever more radical direction until libertarianism adopts an uncompromisingly revolutionary position. Meanwhile, the left-libertarian movement is introducing many of the alternative economic ideas associated with traditional anarchism into mainstream libertarianism movement, and helping to move libertarianism away from its past association with state-capitalist apologies.

Lots of other interesting things are happening. The left/right libertarian/populist ideas that we have been advocating for years are slowly finding their way into the mainstream. Such notions are entering public consciousness by means of the Ralph Nader organization from the Left, and such figures and Ron and Rand Paul, or publications like The American Conservative or Townhall, on the Right.  New Secessionist movements also continue to emerge, and secessionist ideas are probably more common in the USA today than at any time since 1865. Class divisions continue to grow in the modern American plutocracy while irreconcilable political differences become increasingly evident. The rise of movements like the Tea Party and Occupy has come about in response. Meanwhile, the recent turn of events in Iraq illustrate the Empire’s futility and vulnerability.

There are many other such indicators as well. The militia movement is actually much larger today than it was during its supposed heyday of the 1990s. Even membership in street gangs is at an all time high. What this indicates is that growing numbers of people are completely turning their back on the system.

The task to which American Revolutionary Vanguard and Attack the System have long been committed is to pull all of these disparate forces together into a united revolutionary front that has at its final objective the total defeat of the statist, plutocratic, imperialist enemy. Our ambition is the creation of a new meta-politics for the sake of carrying out revolutionary struggle against these overarching forces that seek to divide and conquer us all.

Many people are starting to recognize this, and that’s why our efforts have attracted the interest of a genuine diversity of thinkers and activists. Our supporters genuinely transcend the boundaries of liberal, conservative, left, right, centrist, extremist, progressive, and reactionary. We transcend the boundaries of race, ethnicity, social class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, geography, education, age, and occupation. We have supporters both inside and outside the United States. Our supporters are active in building resistance on every conceivable front and among every conceivable demographic.

But the basis of our work begins with our grassroots readers and supporters who give us the encouragement we need to keep up the fight. As our opportunities grow, so does our need for assistance from our supporters.

We want to make AttacktheSystem.Com a full time resource for news and activism for the purpose of gradually building the enemy’s demise. But we can’t do it alone. The bottom line is that we’re beyond the point where we can continue to operate with a shoestring budget if our activities are going to increasingly grow and expand. All of our associates, writers, and editors are volunteers. We have no paid staff. All of us have our own private lives and personal and financial responsibilities that require our time, attention, and money. That often prevents us from making Attack the System as active or effective as it might otherwise be.

Imagine if ATS were a full time news source providing up to the minute commentary and analysis on current events as they unfold, and doing so from the perspective of our own unique meta-political outlook. Imagine if we were cultivating grassroots level ATS affiliates in communities, universities, and activist organizations in many different places and among many different kinds of people. Such is our ambition. But like I said, we need your help.

Won’t you please consider becoming a regular donor to ATS for the sake of furthering our work? Please visit our Donation page and help in any way that you can.  Your support is very much appreciated.

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