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Time For White Male Thick Libertarianism?

By Christopher Cantwell

I spend a good deal of time on this blog talking about the State. Previously I’ve sort of mocked people who tell me “government isn’t the only oppressor you know!” because while it certainly isn’t the only, it certainly is the most dangerous, the most pervasive, and that which enables all others. While feminists and people who are very concerned about race tell me that a myriad of “privilege” exists in the world which must be “checked” to solve “oppression” I have mocked them as being off base.

Perhaps I was wrong about this. I may need to reconsider. Of course, not to jump on the misandrist anti-white bandwagon, but rather to combat it as an important issue of liberty. Perhaps white men need their own “thick” libertarianism.

I mean, it’s to the point where an entire gender, and an entire race, get branded as violent lunatics for the actions of one pharmaceutically medicated person, who barely qualifies as a member of either group. If that’s not racism and sexism, then I don’t know what is. Now, hey, you’re welcome to your opinions on race and sex. If you don’t like men, if you don’t like white people, that’s your business. Go be a man hating lesbian off in your “gayborhood” and that’s really quite fine with me. If you prefer the company of ethnic minorities and don’t want to participate in the economy with white people, good luck with that.

What you don’t get to do is threaten groups with violence under any circumstances, and doing so based on their race and gender only proves the inherent hypocrisy of these misandrist anti-white terrorist organizations, parading around as social justice warriors.

Watch this racist video about a white student union at Towson University. You may need to skip towards the end to find the racism though. If you don’t have 88 minutes to kill, here’s the spoiler. There are student groups at Towson for black students, Asian students, Muslim students, Jewish students, women, and all other protected classes of people. A group of white students decided they wanted to create their own student union, thinking “hey, all these other ethnicities have interests to protect, maybe we should protect ours”. Unsurprisingly, this became a crisis on campus, a political hotbutton issue where it was unsure if the University would even allow them to form this group, and it is still today “unaffiliated” with the university.

So they had Jared Taylor from American Renascence come give a talk about white identity, and why white students might seek to organize.  This caused such an uproar, that extra security was needed as people kept on trying to disrupt the event. If you don’t have time to watch it now, be sure to come back later and watch the entire video. Listen to students of all ethnicities say hateful things about white people and why they should be uniquely disqualified from having a recognized group on campus.

More recently, and arguably more horrifically, A Voice for Men’s International Conference on Men’s Issues has been threatened with violence and death by feminist outlets. In a letter from the venue, DoubleTree Suites in downtown Detroit to AVfM founder Paul Elam, the hotel reports receiving threats so serious and numerous as to require 24/7 police presence and $2 million in insurance.

Regarding the International Conference on Men’s Issues scheduled at OUf hotel, the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Detroit Downtown – Fort Shelby, we have received numerous caUs and threats and are concerned for the safety and well-being of our employees, our guests and your attendees. The threats have escalated to include death threats, physical violence against our staff and other guests as well as damage to the property. The callers have indicated that they will be stationed within the hotel as guests, which raises our level of concern.

We take these threats seriously and for the protection of our staff and guests, Under Section 8 of the Agreement, we may require you to provide, at your expense and in our discretion, adequate security in light of the nature of your Event. Based upon the nature of these threats, we have determined that adequate security measures include the engagement of the Detroit Police Department (DPD) to secure the building. Based upon the number of access and egress points we will require 2 Detroit Police officers in the lobby and 3 officers on the meeting room floor, each on a 24 hour basis. As the threats include accessing the guests floors another 3 officers on the guest floors on a 24 hour basis. This is a minimum of 7 officers at all times, 24 hours a day but could increase based on further threats or circumstances that warrant the addition of security.

As noted in Section 8, the cost associated with this enhanced security is the responsibility of the Group and the Group must provide us with proof and evidence of such security being engaged.

Accordingly, you will need to contact and contract directly with the DPD for such services. Such contract must be a firm commitment with no contingencies. Once you have contracted with the OPO, we require a copy of the signed contract for our files. –

In addition, the Section 19 of the Agreement requires you to Commercial General liability Insurance with limits not less than Two Million US dollars ($2,000,000 US) with the Hotel and “Hotel Indemnified Parties” added as additional insured under all applicable polices (in addition to the other requirements under Section 19).

When has a feminist outlet ever required anything of the sort? I mean, ladies, your legislative and social engineering agendas are destructive enough, but now you want to murder hotel employees because they let us have a chat somewhere. When have we ever done anything like this to you?

Check Out All This Privilege

Just the other night on a website of no distinction whatsoever, Cathy Reisenwitz told Adam Kokesh that the Men’s Rights Movement is “inextricably linked” to “misogyny” because of some unspecific forum posts by unnamed persons on unknown forums. Of course, anything linked to misogyny is, in Cathy’s book, inherently immoral. So, while men are the most likely gender to be arrested, to go to prison, to be murdered, to be raped, to be a victim of any violent crime, to be executed by the State, to be killed in war, even as a non-combatant, to be abused as a child, and to be homeless, protecting our rights is, immoral.

It is so immoral, that to even discuss it, is “bigotry”. To try and organize an event to discuss it? Well, that’s going to require 7 police officers around the clock to protect us from people who claim they just want “equal rights”. You know, the same police officers who haul us off to prison when women make false rape reports. Who cares if we’re being disproportionately raped and murdered and imprisoned? We’re men. Man up man, that’s your role in society, to be the victim of violence, and if you complain, you just hate women, and we’ll threaten you with… violence.


Now, it should go without saying that I have neither the intention nor the capacity to change the definition of libertarianism, to make my own brand of it, that’s ridiculous. I have no more the ability to do that than our insane leftist counterparts do, but really, if your goal was to stand up for the oppressed, I think it’s pretty clear that white men meet that definition these days. To say otherwise is racist and sexist, and while you’re welcome to those views, I don’t think you should be welcome in polite society.

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  1. Added this to my list of excellent attacks on political correctness.

    People criticizing the left have spent far too little time taking on the sociological “arguments” they’ve been making over the past several years.

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