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Only Brutalism Can Save the Liberty Movement

By Christopher Cantwell

Some time ago, I joked that the leftists could have the “liberty movement” and I would start my own. At the time, I called it the “Do whatever the fuck you want so long as you don’t hurt anyone movement” or something to that effect. After all, that’s what I thought liberty was all about in the first place. Unfortunately, the leftist ideological contagion does not limit itself to State politics. Anything that is not decisively anti-liberal will eventually find itself infected with this plague.

I had been trying to think of a new name for it. Something shorter, that would signify that we were libertarians in the truest sense, hard line non aggressionists, intolerant of State sympathizers, and welcoming that portion of human society which Church and State had done everything in their power to destroy. Mankind’s animal instinct, straight talk, in your face activism, uncensored humor, vitriolic rhetoric, and a readiness for defensive force.

For all my contempt for the way Jeffrey Tucker portrayed it, the “brutalism” label stuck with me, and I think I may embrace it. I have even begun work on a piece I am calling “The Brutalist Manifesto”.

Libertarian Brutalist Uprising

Libertarian Brutalist Uprising

Whatever one calls it, this faction of libertarianism is undeniable and growing, yet meeting extraordinary resistance from other factions. We are despised by pacifist, leftist, statist, religionist, and other self proclaimed libertarian factions, to the point that we are ostracized from their communities and events. We are decried as violent, racist, despicable creatures. We are accused of “hurting the movement”, and even having our libertarian bona fides called into question, despite our embracing of libertarianism in its truest sense.

The Brutalist’s Error

Where brutalists have gone wrong, is by trying to recruit other libertarians as brutalists, or at least seeking acceptance as libertarians among other factions. This is a fool’s errand. The pussification of America is in full swing, and libertarians are not exempt. So many people have been domesticated, like declawed housecats. They cannot survive in the wild anymore, they must be coddled and comforted at every turn. To disrupt their Utopian fantasies of a sanitized, stateless future, free of discomfort is to them like we had set their homes ablaze. They are simply beyond the point of no return.

Not Libertarian Brutalists

Not Libertarian Brutalists

Do some research on domesticated animals. You will find that their DNA actually changes over time. They become so accustomed to not having to fend for themselves, that they become incapable of doing so.

I found this out when I had ferrets as pets. Ferrets are descendants of weasels. They were domesticated approximately 2500 years ago, and today it is almost unheard of to find domesticated breeds of ferrets in the wild. It is often said that an escaped ferret will be dead within 3 days. The polecats they descended from are hunters, but ferrets are today, only pets.

You may have seen a similar meme floating around, with sheep saying something to the effect of “Suggesting that people can’t live without government, is like suggesting animals can’t live without farmers”. It’s a fun analogy, because generally we tend to think that animals would probably be a lot better off if they weren’t waiting to be slaughtered for their meat. However, the domesticated species of sheep you tend to see on a farm, does not exist in the wild, and would likely go extinct in the absence of human farmers to care for them.

I genuinely fear humanity may be on the brink, or have even passed this point. It really is beginning to look like much of mankind has evolved into the tranquility of his servitude. To even entertain the notion of using force in self defense makes him panic, when he hears someone even mention it he screams “DON’T SAY THAT!”. Even beyond the question of force, it is to the point where they fear vulgar language or political incorrectness. Anyone who reacts with fear to a joke, is surely going to have a great deal of trouble maintaining their sanity in a society that values rugged individualism.

The Brutalist’s Solution

With the stakes being so high, it is imperative that brutalists step up to the plate and save mankind from choosing between slavery and extinction. The good news is, that there are millions who will appreciate the libertarian brutalist’s style, who are not yet libertarians, and we should target them for recruitment.

Who are your favorite comedians? To my mind springs Jim Norton, Doug Stanhope, Patrice Oneal (RIP), George Carlin (RIP), Louis C.K., Bill Burr, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle. Vulgar, in your face comics who were not afraid to piss people off, and for whom no topic was not up for discussion. These people, and others, have huge fan bases that are absolutely sick of political correctness, alcohol restrictions, the war on drugs, and presumably just want to be left to do their thing. They might not be libertarians yet, but I doubt many of them are huge fans of government.

In the motion picture industry, producers tend to try for a PG-13 content rating, because that’s where the largest demographic is, due to the aforementioned domestication of mankind. Yet still, there are millions of people just like you and me who will not pay for anything less than an R rating. In plenty of those cases, they won’t pay for anything, they just download them, indicating they don’t have much respect for the State. Prime recruiting ground for libertarian brutalists to find people who are not yet libertarians, but are ready to accept the brutalist position.

The key to this is entertainment. These people want to have fun, and they are turned off by the sanitized, politically correct, pacifist elements who make this impossible. We need to produce content aimed at entertaining these pre-domestication humans. Content that purveys a libertarian message, without being marketed as libertarian, which thanks to the leftist infestation, now has a negative connotation for the undomesticated.

Doug Stanhope is probably the closest thing we have to this at present. We need more libertarian brutalist content producers, writers, comedians, YouTube personalities, and the like. We need to assist each other in promoting this content, and getting it out from beyond libertarian circles.

Everybody Wins, Except the State

Brutalist recruiting will make the domesticated libertarians uncomfortable as we begin to outnumber them, but this is for their own benefit. They need thicker skin, and the more brutalists we have, the more their callouses will need to grow. If they go off to live in their own little religious communes, then their isolation and lack of defense will ultimately show them the righteousness of our stance, and how necessary we are to their survival.

More libertarian brutalists means more libertarians. No matter how much the domesticated libertarians would prefer to be in the majority, they will have a difficult time arguing that more libertarians is a bad thing.

A brutalist libertarian majority will be unstoppable. Our provocative style will garner media attention. Our superior sense of humor, and ability to have fun, will grow our ranks exponentially, and open new markets to our entrepreneurs. Our ruggedness makes us uniquely capable of surviving the worst the State can throw at us. Our take no shit attitude will prevent half measures and negotiations with the terrorist State, and when it comes time to throw off the oppressor’s chains, we are the only ones with the balls to do what is necessary.

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