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Left Libertarians Are Worse Than Racists

Ooooh…someone’s itching for a fight.

By Christopher Cantwell

As I’ve spent the last few months railing against so called left libertarians, it comes up from time to time that they claim to support only voluntary solutions to their imaginary problems of privilege. That this, by my own definition makes them libertarians, as I define libertarianism as the non-aggression principle. Alright, fair enough point. If racists can be libertarians, so can leftists, especially since left libertarians are inherently racist.

Mind you, I don’t actually believe them to be non aggressionists. Left libertarians, like their statist counterparts, tend to be extraordinarily dishonest. After all, leftist ideology is generally little more than an excuse to steal and be irresponsible, so what use is the truth in that? If they are dishonest enough to call every off color joke “racism” on par with slavery, why tell the truth about anything else?

Left Libertarianism

Left Libertarianism

They tend to believe they have extra rights aside from the right to be left alone. They define aggression differently than actual libertarians in that they feel they have rights to equality, to products and services, and generally to be included on the basis of criteria other than their merit and the willingness of others to provide these things. If you have a right to something, then that necessarily means you have the right to use force to obtain it, and that is absolutely incompatible with the non-aggression principle. If they say that rights are being violated, and say they are not advocating force, then what they are saying is you don’t have a right to forcefully defend your rights. If they spell out an argument that their rights are being violated when they in fact are not, and slip in towards the end “not that I am justifying state intervention” then all they have done is repeated statist race propaganda, and left out the call for legislation.

Meanwhile they will cheer, whether loudly or quietly, when some judge forces a baker to bake a cake for a gay wedding against his will. They will, against all evidence, decry laws recognizing the right of self defense like “Stand Your Ground” as racist just because, well, because Rachel Maddow told them to. They will enthusiastically support campaigns to ban words as innocuous as “bossy” because of some perceived sexism. They will scream bigotry any time a black person or a woman loses their job for any reason, but let a Christian get fired or suspended for voicing his opinions, and this is simply the free market ridding itself of bigots. They just mirror the platform of the Green Party and say “Haha! I didn’t advocate violence, can’t touch me!” like some imaginary base rule in a childish game of playground tag.

To this extent, they are technically as libertarian as any racist is.

Because of course, any racist who says “I think we should expel the niggers and Jews from our neighborhoods by refusing to provide them with services” is technically within the boundaries of libertarianism. He does not advocate violence against the black or Jewish person, he simply says he wishes not to associate, as is his right. If a leftist says “I will call you a racist sexist homophobic bigot” for making a joke, they do not advocate violence, and despite their dishonest and pointless ad hominem attack, they are still within the boundaries of non aggression.

None of this stops either of them from being miserable piece of shit people who nobody should wish to associate with.

Left Libertarians are Racists

Left libertarians, like their statist counterparts, are racists and sexists. They view the world through racial terms and take gender into consideration at every pass. Whereas individualists see a number of poor black people and says “I want there to be more prosperity” the left libertarian says “I must fix this racial inequality” even if only to damn the prosperity of white males. Where the individualist tends to consider gender only in choosing a sexual partner, left libertarians insist it be looked at for hiring preferences and cry bigotry wherever a demographic disparity is perceived, ignoring the preferences of both genders.

Meanwhile, no demographic disparity that excludes white males is ever a problem. The fact that fewer men are housewives, is no problem for the left libertarian. They will never demand that women begin working harder in order to support men. The fact that fewer whites are basketball players and rappers, is no problem for the left libertarian. They would never insist that Death Row Records or the NBA be more inclusive.

So the goal isn’t really egalitarianism, they just hate white males, or more accurately, they hate good shit.


If fewer women are fortune 500 CEO’s, that cannot be a result of an individual woman’s preference to be something else, or her being more suited for another profession, it’s not even good enough to encourage her to aspire to this role. It has to be because the male CEO’s are sexist bigots who need to be taken down a peg.

“Privilege” is a bad thing to the left libertarian. So while the individualist desires to bring people up, the left libertarian instead insists that others need be brought down.

This mentality is what leads to their anticapitalist rhetoric. Though some of them will call themselves “left market anarchists“, they hate “capitalism” as much as any Zeitgeist lunatic. Their disdain for the statist economic model is not that it prevents the accumulation of capital, but that it allows it. It is not good enough to make fewer people poor, they must also make fewer people rich, because wealth is privilege and privilege must be destroyed at all costs. Unless of course that privilege is affirmative action, or a woman getting by on her looks.

So are left libertarians actually libertarians? Maybe. Maybe they are dishonest, irresponsible, anticapitalist, racist, collectivist libertarians who think the market can do a better job of destroying wealth, censoring humor, and generally making the world a miserable place, than the State.

That said, you won’t see them at any party I host.

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  1. Much of this seems more like you’re talking about SJWs (Regressive-Left/Authoritarian Left) and not the Libertarian Left.

  2. As a left libertarian i have to say: Do you even read more than the Wikipedia definition of left libertarian anarchism? Really, i don’t know were did you get such poor and wrong information about this.

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