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Attack the System is Attacked by Marxists for Advocating Anarchism

“Attack the System—which promotes an alliance of racial separatists, theocrats, and Leftists against what it sees as an increasingly globalized, centralized, liberal “system”—also courted Occupy. The organization produced a video—“Power to the Neighborhoods (A Message to ‘Occupy Wall Street’)”—that called for Left-Right unity, offering a left-wing critique of contemporary problems while offering a classic right-wing solution: complete local control.”

The above is a statement by Spencer Sunshine in this new article from the Ford Foundation-funded Political Research Associates. Read the article here.

Spencer Sunshine is an anarchist, or has at least been associated with anarchists like Fifth Estate, who shills for the PRA’s Chip Berlet, a former (?) Marxist-Leninist-Hoxhaist. PRA has a high six-figure annual budget supplied mostly by the Ford Foundation, originally founded by Henry Ford.

So we have the interesting spectacle of a supposed anarchist shilling for Communists funded by capitalist wealth attacking other anarchists for actually bothering to promote anarchism, while searching for anti-Semites with the backing of an organization founded by Henry Ford, a man who…had his own ideas about Jewish/Gentile relations. An added irony is that the “left/right alliance for power to the neighborhoods” concept was taken directly from Norman Mailer’s 1969 New York City mayoral campaign. Mailer himself was of Jewish ethnicity, as were many of his key supporters, like Gloria Steinem and Jerry Rubin.

The Marx/Bakunin rivalry continues.

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  1. I find it kind of trivial how there are so many branches of anarchist theory in general that always seem to find ways to argue their differences of lowest common denominators, rather than actually come together throughout the highest common factor, which is to challenge the state. It just doesn’t help the cause. Of course in this case the attacker seems a bit less genuine than most arguers of other anarchist political theory and is indeed backed by the nourishment of capitalist wealth, but it just goes to show how divided things can get.

    It’s seems that nothing is more anarchist or libertarian these days than to challenge the level of politicalness of another anarchist thinker. Can’t we all just get along? Because it is the state that ultimately wants to divide and conquer, so why do so many of us fall into this trap?

  2. the problem is to decipher what is the right and left wing.I am a White separatist but on most other issues left.There is no perfect way to combat the ruling class but their can be mutual understandings. All or nothing gets us no where.

  3. Nice to hear Sunshine explicitly argue that what the conventional radical left need to do is isolate themselves in utter irrelevance in the interests of ideological purity. Not that they needed a reminder. Because of course everyone is really down with their values and the problem is mere PR, what else might have caused the complete failure of the post war Western anti-capitalist left?

  4. Oh no! Not “complete local control!” That would be…. that would be…. that would be exactly how my tribe operated until it’s territory was taken over the by US!!!

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