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The Surrender of America’s Liberals

In this interview and in a recent article in Harper’s magazine, leftist-socialist commentator Adolph Reed Jr. says about the center-left in the USA what I’ve been saying for years: That’s they’ve become increasingly fixated on pushing cultural politics and getting more folks from traditional outgroups into the ranks of the establishment, while allowing neoliberalism to push class relations back to the pre-Depression era.

Watch Reed’s interview with Bill Moyers.

In a Web-exclusive interview, political scientist Adolph Reed Jr. talks with Bill Moyers about his new article in the March issue of Harper’s Magazine – a challenge to America’s progressives provocatively titled, “Nothing Left: The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals.”

In the piece, Reed writes that Democrats and liberals have become too fixated on election results rather than aiming for long term goals that address the issues of economic inequality, and that the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama too often acquiesced to the demands of Wall Street and the right.

As a result, Reed tells Moyers, the left is no longer a significant force in American politics. “If we understand the left to be anchored to our convictions that society can be made better than it actually is, and a commitment to combating economic inequality as a primary one, the left is just gone.”

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