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Vulgar Libertarian vs Uber-Marxist in a Steel Cage Match

A rather spirited debate between a socialist and a free-market libertarian on the McDonaldized economy. The problem I see with this discussion is that it’s a pissing contest between two polarized extremes, without any give and take, and without more moderate voices being heard. But it makes for good television.

Of course, I’d say that both governments and corporations suck, and the point of view that needs to be heard is the traditional anarchist one: The state and the plutocracy are mutual partners in exploitation, and the alternative is a stateless economy with decentralized production for local use. But that’s just me.

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Has the American dream come to an end? What does the recent McDonald’s minimum wage guide say about the nature of labor in the US? And, is there a way to improve income disparity? CrossTalking with Austin Petersen and Eric Draitser.


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