Words of Wisdom from a Fellow Anarchist

It’s common for anarchists to press people about whether they are “capitalist” or “communist”. I view this as embracing the left/right paradigm unconsciously. I’m anti-state. Anti-statism is the common denominator in all trends of anarchism. Therefore, there is common ground between all anarchists. I can’t imagine that any anarcho-communist thinks they are going to abolish the class system without first abolishing to coercive apparatuses of the state.
The state, after all, grants the corporatists their power and privilege. It is ridiculous to assume that everybody wants to spend their life climbing the ladder of business and profit, as some anarcho-capitalists would seem to insist. Equally silly, is expecting everybody to live in communes. This type of intellectual immediate gratification sounds great on paper, but competition and cooperation both play extremely important roles in the stability of mankind. If you want to overthrow your factory boss after the state is abolished, that is between you and him. You could not possibly expect the masses to see your job and working conditions as the sole impetus for taking risky rebellious actions on their own parts. The state victimizes us all. And ALL us anarchists hate it.
The state will imprison conservatives and liberals alike. To effectively abolish the state, we need as many of the people on our side as possible, obviously. So bickering over preferences like “capitalism” or “communism” or whatever are simply arguments over theory, rather than real talk about the real cops busting down our real doors. Every time you even use the words “capitalism” or “communism”, you automatically alienate tons of people. If you simply focus on our real common enemy, the state, you can attract the most people to our shared goal. Every time you shift the focus from the state, anarcho-communists defending minimum wage laws, anarcho-capitalists defending state enforcement of property rights, you do yourself and all of us anarchists a disservice. You should constantly be dealing fatal blows to the state, with your words.

-Wes Lysander

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