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Neo-Nazi’s and racist skin heads of Reddit what changed your mind? When and why did you leave?

An interesting discussion. Read the whole thing here.


Before you joined KKK/Nazi’s and racist skin heads what was your view on Jews, Blacks, Mixed race people and Hispanic people.

Where you exposed to their culture?

How much has being a member effected?

I’m a little bit younger than most of the posts at the top, and it’s probably less interesting too, but I’ll throw my experience in anyway. I moved to London when I was 6, from Poland. Back in Poland everyone was racist to a degree, I never really thought about it. The “fact” that Muslims were the cancer of the Earth, blacks were just the poor, scum of society ect was just accepted as a truth. Racism in Eastern Europe is pretty bad.

Anyway, I moved when I was about 6, maybe 7, to a housing estate in South London, and what I saw disgusted me at the time. The amount of minorities around where I lived was huge. I remember just starting secondary school (age 11) and quickly falling into a group of friends who were primarily European, all of which shared my uneducated views. Like I said, I was poor and so were they, and so we put the blame onto anyone we could. It’s just how it was. For the next couple years I was constantly in trouble for fighting and making trouble with other kids, and they were almost always black. I was a real shithead at that age. At 15 one of my friends was stabbed by a gang member, and I just felt angry and let down, blaming other minorities more than ever.

When I got a bit older, and I was studying at college (not university, the two years before university is called college or sixth form in the UK) there were no other Eastern European people in my class. I was one of 3 white people, the other two being English, the rest being black or Muslim. I felt isolated until I was forced to sit next to a kid called Tristan, stereotypical South London “ghetto” black kid in every sense. He was involved in gangs, selling drugs ect, and for the first week I didn’t talk to him at all, but I realised that actually, despite what I saw in him when I first met him, he seemed like a nice guy, so I started talking to him a bit, and I realised that all the shit I’d been through, getting caught up in violence, drugs and everything else that came with being a young poor impressionable Polish immigrant, I could relate to him. Anyway, he became one of my best friends, and my 18th birthday was coming up so I told him he should come along to it (parents got some money together and hired out the top room of a pub near where I live). Well, you can imagine what happened. My attitudes had changed a bit so I didn’t think much of it at the time, but my old friends started getting violent towards him and his girlfriend who he’d brought. I saw all those people from a different light, and I haven’t spoken to them since.

I’m in my second year at university, and I’m still trying to kill any pre-judgement of people that hangs over from how I used to think. If anything, the people I prejudge most are Eastern European.

Sorry for the length, just thought someone might like reading it, there’s much better stories at the top though. Thanks for reading if you did.



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  1. Hmm. Well I tried to me more tolerant of Nazi skinheads and I wound up getting burned by the experience. I increasingly realized all this hate-crap isn’t what I’m about. Not necessarily pro-multi-culti.

  2. Scanning through those comments, it feels like a bunch of college students have been given assignments to write short stories on how imaginary ‘racist’ characters reconciled their innately evil white racism with emphasis on how they eventually found redemption by accepting Multiculturalism! Puke!

    If something is really true and natural i.e. Multiculturalism, then why does it need to be enforced by the State!

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