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Announcing The Gottfried Report: The New Online Home of Paul Gottfried

It seems that every week brings new evidence of the cowardice and duplicity of the Mainstream Conservative Movement. From the firing of John Derbyshire and Jason Richwine to the wholesale purchase of Republican party operatives by sponsors of the new immigration amnesty legislation.

But where mainstream conservatism has failed, the independent right has not. Thanks to the Internet, independent voices can find a platform, and independent thinkers can find numerous sources for information and perspectives that are not sanctioned by the explicit left or the loyal opposition of the approved right.

In this spirit, I am pleased to announce the opening of The Gottfried Report, the online home of Paul Gottfried. This site will be a platform for Paul to publish articles that mainstream conservative venues would never consider publishing.

Visit the Gottfried Report at, where he will be publishing articles on a wide variety of subjects for the forseeable future.

Rob Sherwood

Mencken Club Webmaster


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