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ATS Podcast: Rising Above Culture War Psychology

Attack the System
Rising Above Culture War Psychology

April 28, 2013

Keith Preston offers a critical analysis of contemporary cultural and political conflict.

Topics include:

  • The ideological roots of the culture wars in the historic conflict between classical liberalism and socialism.
  • How the culture wars are a manifestation of class conflict between the traditional WASP elites and the rising, multicultural upper-middle class.
  • How conservatives, liberals, the far left, and the far right maintain their own distinct narratives and interpretations of American history.
  • Why the political philosophy of anarcho-pluralism and the related strategic concept of pan-secessionism transcend the conventional left/right model of the political spectrum.
  • Keith’s own unique position of being a political extremist and cultural centrist.
  • Why anarchists and non-anarchists, leftists and rightists, moderates and radicals all share a common enemy in the form of the empire, international plutocracy, and police state and how culture war psychology prevents the mounting of effective resistance to these.
  • The need for practical and peaceful alternatives to ideological, sectarian, and tribal conflict.
  • The values of authentic tolerance.

Run time: 75:27

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